20 digital products to sell on Etsy for a passive income

Etsy has a wide range of digital products one can make and sell to make a passive income, and you need not have any digital design experience.

The Etsy marketplace is typically known for being a very niche tailored online marketplace for people who are into being crafty.

Products on Etsy mostly consist of the arts and crafts, items that are vintage or vintage inspired, and mostly handmade goods made by sellers using the platform for their businesses.

Etsy does not restrict sellers to catering to their niche markets only, but also allows the sales of a range of digital products, in fact there are over 20 types of digital products sellers can sell that do well on the platform.

Etsy digital products

Many people are gifted in the art of designing digitally and Etsy is a great marketplace for them to showcase their talents by designing a wide range of digital products to sell, and the market for these digital products is huge on Etsy.

Etsy digital product store owners have a means of making a passive income through their love for digital design, so for anyone that may be wondering if they can make money from selling digital products on Etsy, it is surely possible.

20 digital products to sell on Etsy for a passive income

Digital products have a market on the platform and there are many digital products one can make money from selling.

A benefit of buying a digital product on Etsy is that you can buy and download a file once, and then print it as many times as you need to, depending on what you have bought the digital print for.

All digital products make it easy for buyers to download and print them from their devices in the comfort of their own homes.

Some may wonder if you need to have design skills to pursue a venture in digital product-making, and the answer is, not necessarily.

There are several programs that make it easy for you to create the most simple, yet still profitable digital products for Etsy. Therefore, you do not need to worry about having skills to start your own digital products Etsy shop.

Etsy provides a great platform for generating a passive income from selling digital products. You can also automate the delivery of the digital product.

Upon ordering their product(s), customers immediately receive their digital purchase with little to no effort on your part.

20 Digital products to sell on Etsy:

  1. Printable wall art and home décor
  2. Printable colouring book pages
  3. Clipart and design files
  4. Digital papers and patterns
  5. Digital eBooks and courses
  6. Crotchet/knitting/embroidery patterns
  7. Budget spreadsheets
  8. Invitation and announcement templates
  9. Website design templates
  10. Logos, graphics, and design services
  11. Meal planning cards
  12. Digital greeting cards
  13. Business cards
  14. Cosmetic labels
  15. Printable and digital planners
  16. Social media templates
  17. Event/special occasion printables
  18. Children’s learning materials
  19. Workbooks
  20. Résumé templates

Do market research on the viability of your ideas

Before you start your digital products journey, you should do market research about the kind of products you want to sell and the digital products that are the most in demand.

Etsy has a search bar that will automatically list the top keywords using what you have typed in. These keywords may have been used by Etsy shoppers while searching for products they want.

To check for competition in terms of the products you want to sell, look at the number of products listed under a specific keyword. The more products there are, the more difficult it may be to sell by ranking higher in the search results.

Consider seasonal versus evergreen products to sell

An evergreen product remains in constant demand throughout the year. These digital downloads are items such as business cards.

People buy such products at any time in the year. Seasonal digital products, on the other hand, are things like Christmas cards and Valentine’s day cards that are only used once a year and will spike in demand when that time of year comes.

Selling evergreen products when you first start off can help generate a more consistent income throughout the year.

How Etsy Digital downloads work

Once you have created your digital products to sell on Etsy, you can upload each of the files to Etsy and create product listings for them.

Different file types can be uploaded, including your PDF, JPG, and zip files, but each file needs to be 20mb in size. When a customer places an order, Etsy will immediately send them the link to download the file.