6 basic needs in a relationship

A relationship requires both parties to be present so that things can work out.

When you do so, there is a high chance of it being successful.

There are basic things that every relationship should have. These are foundations that will keep it strong.

Comfort and direction

You want to be with someone whom you feel safe with. It’s how you both have some sort of direction in terms of a roof over your heads or being able to afford food. When you talk about these things, you are both on the right path and things can be easier. Finances in a relationship are important and most people shy away from having such conversation. What happens when the other one is sick?

Need to feel important

It makes one feel as if they are needed in the relationship and they play a huge role. You want your partner to make you a priority. The last thing you should ever do is to be in a situation where you are competing for his or her attention with friends or family.


You wouldn’t get into a relationship with someone if there was no love. It doesn’t make sense unless  you have a motive. Connecting with that special person is what will bring you two closer and you want to just feel it that you two, really are one and belong together. This feeling needs to be nurtured as it’s not something that you should feel once and that’s it. It’s the same as keeping the fire burning in your relationship. Sometimes we get way too comfortable and no longer make efforts to make the other party feel special.


This is something that should never stop. If you’re both not growing in the relationship, what exactly are you doing? It’s the experience that should make you grow; it can be emotionally, mentally, or even physically.