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punditWeb is about personal finance. We curate and share news and information about consumer banking, insurance and credit in South Africa, allowing you, our valuable reader, to discover and share many ways of interacting with South African consumer financial services and products. With no personal finance curriculum offered at most schools and college campuses, punditWeb is one of the few places available for South Africans, to discover curated and current information on banking, insurance and credit services and products.

When was punditWeb founded?

Work on punditWeb started in October 2018 and our formal launch was on 1 September 2019.

Who are we?

punditWeb is a small team based in Johannesburg, South Africa who are passionate about personal finance.

We are committed to integrity, transparency and fairness, and as a result our work represents the best in personal finance content.

We are also interested in first-hand consumer experiences of banking, insurance and credit in South Africa, and if you would like to submit your experience, you can do so via email, [email protected]