Acceptance is the first step

Acceptance is the first step to heal and let go of the past.

The importance of acceptance

Past occurrences can never be moulded or changed. Acceptance of the past is the first step to moving on. Past occurrences could be mistakes, or painful and hurtful events. Although acceptance is crucial, it isn’t always an easy thing to do for most people. The psychological theory of loss and grief labels denial as the first step.. When people are faced with emotionally disturbing and life-changing circumstances, they resort to denial. Denial is the opposite of acceptance and simply means the refusal of something. When we refuse to accept our current reality, we withhold the process of healing.

Lack of acceptance causes emotional inertia. The prerequisites of acceptance are realisation acknowledgment. We need to first realise the kind of ordeals we find ourselves in and acknowledge our current reality. Although these two factors may foster acceptance, they do not have the power to enact change. Acceptance is the first step to move forward. For example, an alcoholic may come to a realisation of their drinking problem, but still fail to accept it. A procrastinator may acknowledge their laziness to complete tasks, but still deny it.

Acceptance is good for health and well-being. It is an essential part of having a healthy relationship with oneself and others. When we begin to accept our reality, we heal. Moreover, accepting other people for who they truly are, helps us have a positive relationship with them.