Aedan Duckworth leaving Hollyoaks remains one of the greatest mysteries

Aedan Duckworth was the actor who originally played Oliver Morgan in the popular British series, Hollyoaks, but abruptly left the show without any publicised reason for his departure.

Aedan Duckworth was introduced to the world in the popular British soapie, Hollyoaks, in 2018. He assumed the role of Oliver “Ollie” Morgan, and appeared until 2020 when he was abruptly removed from the show. In the series, his sudden disappearance was attributed to him running away.

Behind the scenes, details on the abrupt ending of Duckworth’s role in the soapie were not confirmed. However, the  production subsequently confirmed that the role would be recast and the character would be reprised by a different actor. According to Digital Spy, the production stated, “Aedan Duckworth is no longer appearing in Hollyoaks and his role has been recast.”

Upon Ollie’s return, Gabriel Clark had assumed the role. Following the news of Clark’s casting as the replacement for Duckworth, the young actor did not touch on the matter of Duckworth’s departure. Instead, he focused on the significance of having gotten the role as a member of the LGBTQI+ community.

In a Twitter post, the actor stated, “I love my job so much, thank you to everyone who sent such lovely messages over this last month! There’s so much drama to come and I’m so excited to bring it to screen and proud to be part of such an amazing cast!”

Duckworth, on the other hand, has been focusing on his modelling career since leaving the series. The actor has not yet commented on his departure, and his social media pages mainly feature his family and friends.