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All entrepreneurs started with one idea

The first step to saving is changing your financial mindset

Becoming your own boss sounds like a far off dream, but every business owner began their career with just one small idea.

Most people sit with ideas that could make them millions, but are scared to take the risk of cultivating their idea because of the possibility of failure. All multi-billion dollar businesses are built on the premise of a small idea, and the people who initiated it are the ones who currently have a hefty bank balance.

It is important to jot down any idea you think may be lucrative. Whether it is the idea of a clothing shop, grocery store or cell phone app – with ambition and effort, you could be the next global business sensation. These stories have been seen with the likes of Facebook tycoon, Mark Zuckerberg, and Target founder, the late George Dayton. Mark Zuckerberg began his lifelong career by starting a website which helped him find out information about a friend in his university. His idea started small but has been built into the world wide sensation it is today. George Dayton also began his company by creating a convenient store which was built on the idea of supplying easily accessible groceries to his town. Since then, it has become one of the largest supermarket franchises in the world.

All great businesses start from an idea, and exceptional business people are created by those who act on that idea. Who knows? You could be sitting on a gold mine, without even realising it.