All I want is love at last

We all want love, as it is a beautiful thing to experience.

We can all agree that with the things displayed on TV regarding what love is, who wouldn’t?

Before we can unpack all the details about wanting love, we need to talk about self-love. There is nothing important than that. This has everything to do with your happiness and well-being, putting yourself first and not considering others before you. We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and focus on others. When you do this, you somehow self-sabotage yourself. You need to be good mentally and emotionally so that all the love you have, can reflect when you are with other people.

Start practicing self-love by assuring yourself using positive words. Love the sin that you are in and embrace it. You cannot give what you don’t have. To love someone, you need to love yourself so that the other person can love you as well.

Once you have worked on yourself, you can be open to meeting new people and see where it goes. You never know what might happen. Good things might come out of this experience. We never know when we can find a partner who will love us the way we are, with our flaws and all. Do not force to have a connection with someone you have met, but take things slowly. Desperation can make us to get into things that will not lead us to anything that is good.

Looking at your peers being in happy relationships can play a role in how you feel now. You feel like you are not blending very well with the rest because you do not have a partner. Don’t feel bad but embrace the season that you are in. Being single can be the best opportunity to do things that you want to do alone. You will find the love you talk of and you will get to share all of that with someone else.