Anna Faris focuses on podcast series, Unqualified, since leaving Mom

Anna Faris has been using her social media platforms to canvass for questions on relationships for her podcast series, Unqualified, following her departure from Mom.    

Anna Faris took to Instagram to ask her followers to send her relationship questions for her podcast series, Unqualified. The star has been doing the podcast for the past six years, since 2015, however, it has been her sole focus since leaving popular sitcom, Mom.

While there is still much speculation on her reason for leaving, fans have not stopped demanding her return or a plausible reason for her departure. On Tuesday, 20 April 2021, when she posted about her interview with fellow SNL alumni, Vanessa Bayer, fans bombarded the comments section with either demands for her return to the comedy show, or for her to state the real reason for her departure.

According to a description of her podcast, “Each week, Anna explores the lives and careers of actors, authors, designers, artists, musicians, chefs, athletes and relatives through thought-provoking questions, fun games, and wild tangents. Anna and a celebrity or expert guest then talk with you, her listeners, and offer their insight on how to navigate relationships and other confounding topics.”