Are DanTDM and Bijuu Mike related?

Confirming that YouTubers DanTDM and Bijuu Mike are not related or twin brothers, what DanTDM has accomplished in his YouTube career, and controversies he has landed himself in.


There are certain content creators that people may assume are related based on what they have once insinuated. Sometimes relationships can be developed between online content creators, such as close friendships and collaborations. Other times, you may find that content creators are actually related.

Followers of Bijuu Mike and DanTDM have often speculated about whether the two are related or not, because one of them had once suggested that this was the case.

This led to people asking questions about the relationship the two YouTubers have, and their potential relation to each other.

Bijuu Mike and DanTDM

Both Bijuu Mike and DanTDM are popular YouTube content creators who have done exceptionally well on the platform.

DanTDM is a British YouTuber and Twitch streamer popularly known for sharing content about gaming, specifically the Minecraft gaming series including other games like Roblox, Fortnite, Sonic, Among Us, and Pokémon.

There has been some speculation amongst both these creators’ followers that they may be related, and there is a reason why people have asked questions about them being twin brothers.

So why do their communities think that they are somehow related?

Are DanTDM and Bijuu Mike related?

There was a time when fans of Bijuu Mike and DanTDM, as well as the general public, thought that the two famous YouTubers were related.

This is because Bijuu Mike, who is also a gaming streamer, has jokingly always stated that he and DanTDM were twin brothers, leading people to question whether or not this was a genuine truth or not.

DanTDM and Bijuu Mike are not, in fact, twin brothers or even related in any way.

Bijuu Mike made a couple of YouTube videos in which he was trying to get DanTDM to notice him by jokingly saying that he was his twin brother.

The whole idea that DanTDM and Bijuu Mike were related stemmed from Bijuu Mike’s jokes about them being long-lost twin brothers.

Bijuu Mike is an American while DanTDM is a British-born and raised YouTuber. The two are from opposite sides of the world.

How many Play Buttons has DanTDM received?

DanTDM has been so successful that he has a couple of YouTube Play Buttons attached to his name. In June 2013, Dan obtained his Silver Play Button after he hit 100 000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In December 2013, he quickly moved up and obtained his Golden Play Button after hitting 1 000 000 subscribers.

It took him a good three years thereafter to get his Diamond Play Button in July 2016, when he reached 10 million subscribers on his channel. Currently, he has 26.1 million subscribers.

What controversies has DanTDM landed himself in?

Many content creators get into trouble, which leads to them landing in controversies. DanTDM has had a few himself.

His YouTube channel has been known to not be very family-friendly, as he is prone to swearing unwittingly and he has been criticised for it.

He has also been criticised for having dark mode streams which are more suited to a teen+ audience, while having a warning disclaimer on his profile that dark mode streams are not suitable for children.

Additionally, he was cancelled for a TikTok song that contained a swear word.

What are DanTDM’s accomplishments?

DanTDM’s YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed to and viewed YouTube channels in the United Kingdom, with over 26 million subscribers and over 18 billion video views on his channel.

Dan has also earned prestigious awards such as a Kids’ Choice Award, as well as a Guinness World Record for his gaming and his dedication to the best-selling video game, Minecraft.

His three Play Buttons are added accomplishments, and he also released a graphic novel called Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal in October 2016, which made it as the second best-seller in the US at the time of its release.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, there are cases where content creators will build relationships with fellow content creators in an effort to engage and bring together their audiences.

Some content creators seek collaborations with each other, while others are actually related in some way and share and make their content together.

In the case of DanTDM and Bijuu Mike, they are not related in any way. The idea that they are is one that was started by Bijuu Mike and his YouTube jokes that DanTDM and him were twin brothers in an attempt to get his attention.