Are Discord RPs better than forum RPs?

Looking at the different opinions about which is preferable between Discord RP and Forum RP to determine which is the better choice to pick.


RP stands for Role Playing, and it has been typically associated with the gaming community as well as with forums. Groups of people get together and create plays or characters to form a story, either medieval, fantasy, futuristic, or modern day.

When role-playing is not taking place in the gaming world, it is happening on forums or on Discord servers. In deciding where to roleplay, you will need to know whether it is better to do so on a forum or on a dedicated Discord server.

Discord RP vs forum RP

A good way of investigating which could be the better place to get into role-playing, between forums and Discord servers, will be to look at what other people who have tried it on both platforms have to say about their experiences.

That way you are able to determine which platform will be the best for you get into role playing on, or you could decide to switch from one platform to the other for a potentially better experience.

Are Discord RPs better than forum RPs?

In determining which is the best place for you to join role playing on between Discord and forums, knowing what other people have to say about their own experiences will help you choose the better option for you.

It is important to note that experiences will differ and that, ultimately, you will decide which is better for you. When looking at comments on both, there are mixed reactions when it comes to preferences.

One user emphasised that they disliked forums for role-playing because they were filled with weirdos and that the pace was very slow.

Other users liked Discord for its real-time chat style, notification customisation, and accessibility in terms of players easily being able to jump in and play. Another user preferred forums for being larger, which makes it best for telling amazing tales.

How to create a Discord role-play server

To create a Discord role-play server, you need to download Discord, click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen, and select “Create Server.”

Customise your server by naming and choosing a nice cover for it. Set up your server by creating the necessary text and voice channels for it and include a role-play channel.

Include roles so that people can see who is playing which roles, and include a character sheet channel with information on every character. Add a voice chat and music channel too.

Moderating your Discord role-play server

Even a role-play Discord server must be moderated in order for you to run it – you still need to make sure that your role-play server is a good and safe environment for members.

You need to ensure that there is peace and order amongst players in your server, and getting administrators or moderators to help you control and moderate can help.

Your role-play server should be a friendly community for members so that you do not lose any members as a result of them feeling unwelcome. Always aim for fun and creating an environment for enjoyment.

Forum role-play preferences for people

People who prefer forums for role-playing have highlighted that forum RP offers some of them the convenience of not being as fast-paced as other RP styles, like Discord’s, meaning they can keep up more easily, even with other things going on.

Going back to reread older posts on forum RP is easier than on Discord, where one has to scroll through long lists for a long time.

Forum RP seems to be the preferred RP for people who can manage it and still attend to their daily lives, so consider this if you are similar.

Final thoughts

Role-playing is a great way for online communities to entertain themselves through creating, writing, and playing out different stories as a collective. Role-playing takes place on forums or on servers such as on Discord. Both offer spaces for members to join and participate in role-playing.

In the choice between Discord role-playing servers or forum role-playing, comparing what different people have to say about their different experiences on either platform can help you decide which would be the best place for you to role-play, having considered what others have said.