Are Facebook Stories public?

Looking at how Facebook Stories can be changed from public to private to ensure ones privacy, and how users can hide people from watching and seeing their story.


When it comes to sharing on social media, you can choose if you would like your profile and page to be private and restricted to only your immediate following or public to anyone who may come across your profile on the app.

In the case of Facebook Stories, the same applies. Users are able to decide for themselves whether they would like to have their Facebook Stories public or private.

This can protect you from an invasion of privacy if you do not want certain people seeing your published Facebook Story.

Facebook Story settings

The option to choose how and who has access to your content on Facebook ensures that you feel a sense of safety on the platform.

There could be many reasons why users would want to restrict who sees their content, and Facebook allowing you to choose gives you the confidence to know that only certain individuals will see what you post.

When it comes to Facebook Stories, you can choose who can and cannot see your story, and this is done in the privacy settings of your account.

Are Facebook Stories public?

At first, your Facebook Stories will be public and it will be up to you to change them from public to private.

Facebook as well as other platforms give you the power to decide who will see your stories or any other content you post. This works to ensure the best in privacy and security for your profile.

Not everyone wants to keep their profiles private on Facebook, so the option to leave your Facebook Stories public is available to you.

It is, however, recommended that users on Facebook keep as much of their content private as possible, as there are potential dangers to having your profile public to any and everybody.

Unless you really want people to see your Facebook story in “Public” mode, opting for setting it to private and also hiding it is important.

How to change your story settings to private

When you post a Facebook Story, you will notice that next to it in the bottom right will be an Audience Selector.

This is where you get to choose a “Custom”, “Friends” or “Public” setting for your story. Setting it “Public” means your Friends, Followers and Messenger contacts will see it.

Setting it to “Friends” enables only your friends to see your story and not your Messenger connections, while setting it to “Custom” means that you can select people that will be able to see your Facebook story and not just anybody.

How to hide your Facebook Story

If you want to take it a step further, Facebook allows you to hide your Facebook Story from certain friends who have access to your story even though it is private.

You can restrict some people by setting your privacy to Friends, selecting the “Hide Story From” button, then select the people you want to hide your story from, and then select “Done” or the arrow left key, and conclude by saving these settings.

What happens in the case of a Facebook Page?

Seeing that Facebook Pages are typically for businesses, organisations and public figures, Page Stories are public and when a Page shares a story, it will be visible for all the Page Followers to see it in the stories section.

For Facebook Pages it can be hard to block certain people from seeing the Sage story, and stories will not appear in your personal story, on your personal timeline or in the News Feed unless you choose to post them there. Pages are more intended to be open to the public for information and interest sake.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, offer users the tools to keep their information and profile activity private and safe from people outside of their followings and friends on the platform.

This is achieved through navigating the privacy settings and choosing who you would like to see your content.

In the case of Facebook Stories, you can keep them public as they are by default, or you can opt to change your settings to private as well as hide your story from certain friends you do not want seeing your profile.

Pages unfortunately cannot hide or block their stories.