Are IShowSpeed’s streams pre-recorded?

It is unlikely that IShowSpeed’s streams are pre-recorded, but there is proof for and against this claim, fuelled by a distrusting audience.

IShowSpeed became one of the fastest growing streamers in 2021 and his popularity seems to be increasing steadily to this day.

However, with this popularity came various controversies and allegations that he was pre-recording his streams, which has been fuelled by a fan-base that is looking to stir up dramatic reactions.

About IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed, also known as Darren Watkins Jr., posted his first YouTube video in March 2016. Just a few years later, in 2021, he gained 1 million subscribers within a matter of days.

Besides the main IShowSpeed YouTube channel, which has over 8.6 million subscribers in 2022, IShowSpeed has managed to amass over 130 000 followers on Twitch before being banned from the service.

He also has a second channel on YouTube called Live Speedy, which has 2.2 million subscribers. The YouTube subscriber and viewer counts on his videos indicate that this growth is not likely to stop any time soon, as the IShowSpeed channel is still gaining about 40 000 subscribers weekly in June 2022.

Are IShowSpeed’s streams pre-recorded?

IShowSpeed initially gained popularity on these live streaming platforms by playing Fortnite Battle Royale and NBA 2K 20.

In these early stages, when the views on his streams were still few, Darren was fairly laid back in his streams, but when the view counts on both his Twitch and YouTube IShowSpeed channels started growing, it became clear that Darren’s loud, over-the top reactions in his streams got him the most attention.

His boisterous personality prompted fans of the IShowSpeed channels to share memes on other platforms such as TikTok. Darren himself uploaded shorter clips of his streams on YouTube to help grow his channels.

Unfortunately, these over-the-top reactions were also the source of the various controversies surrounding the IShowSpeed channel, and what has drawn many internet “trolls” to the channel.

Since IShowSpeed grew so quickly, some viewers and “trolls” have speculated, for various reasons, that Darren pre-records his live streams. However, Darren has denied this many times and there is also evidence against this.

Although there are some indications that Darren may be pre-recording his live streams, most of these can be explained by a delay between the incoming and outgoing information on a typical live stream setup.

The bigger issue, perhaps, is why people do not trust IShowSpeed to begin with.

Reasons why people think IShowSpeed’s streams are pre-recorded

IShowSpeed’s dramatic reactions have also attracted what many viewers refer to as a “toxic” fan-base that provokes him in the chat to get reactions and even marks times in live streams where he has a dramatic reaction.

As a result, some of these viewers made videos pointing out that Darren has the wrong date and time on his screen during live streams or that he said the wrong year in a greeting as proof that these streams are pre-recorded and then uploaded later.

Additionally, there have been times that Darren had what seems like a delayed response to comments in the chat.

However, fans of the IShowSpeed channels have pointed out that it is simply human to get the date wrong sometimes and that the delay in response may be due to stream latency when there is a slight delay between Darren’s actual reaction and the moment that viewers see it.

Reasons why people do not think IShowSpeed’s streams are pre-recorded

Darren has denied the allegations that his streams are pre-recorded on multiple occasions and even once shared his computer’s clock during the live stream so that “trolls” could see that he was indeed streaming live.

Fans have also disputed these claims by explaining that his over-the-top reactions to some of the comments on the chat could not be planned and pre-recorded and therefore, this is proof that Darren is truly reading and reacting to these comments in real time.

Furthermore, he also reacts to donations and milestones in real time during many of his live streams.

Reasons why people do not trust IShowSpeed

It is likely that the allegations that IShowSpeed’s streams are pre-recorded are just another way to elicit a reaction from Darren, or is a result of the lack of trust between Darren and his audience.

IShowSpeed has been banned from YouTube and Twitch several times, and Darren has faced allegations of sexism and lying about his name and age.

His lack of transparency has made it difficult for the channel’s audience to trust him, even when he tries to prove that he is streaming in real time.