Are Karl Jacobs and TinaKitten dating?

TinaKitten and Karl Jacobs have never announced that they are dating, and it is more likely that they just hang out in the same social circles as friends.

In the same way that live streaming has become more popular as a form of entertainment, streamers have been able to build up their fan-bases through their streaming content.

Karl Jacobs and TinaKitten are two streamers who have grown their online communities on these platforms and frequently interact with each other online and offline.

Why streamers have become so popular

When live streaming content first started taking off on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, many popular streamers had already made a name for themselves on social media platforms like YouTube or in the e-sports world.

However, with Twitch becoming increasingly popular, smaller, more niche streamers have been able to cultivate loyal audiences of their own and grow with the platform. This has resulted in many relatively unknown streamers gaining large followings overnight.

Most often, this following turns into a community of loyal fans over time and the streamers become somewhat public figures who share many aspects of their personal and social lives with their fans on social media.

Are Karl Jacobs and TinaKitten dating?

Two such streamers who were able to build up their following and create a loyal community of fans, are Karl Jacobs and TinaKitten.

Karl was known as GamerBoyKarl earlier in his career and became well-known for participating in MrBeast‘s challenge videos, but he is now more popularly known for his Minecraft streams on Twitch, which get an average of 130 000 views each.

Tina, better known as TinaKitten, on the other hand, became known on the internet for a viral video in which she was unable to solve a simple puzzle in the “Among Us game.

Besides this viral video, her fans watch her streams for her gaming videos and art skills, which she regularly uses to draw during live streams.

These two streamers seem to move in the same social circles and regularly interact with each other during videos, live streams, and on other social media platforms.

Their social circles include a friend group referred to as “The Salad Gang, which regularly interacts and play games together during streams and in their free time.

This frequent interaction and the flirty banter between Karl and Tina has led to speculations by the public that these two streamers are dating.

However, this has not been confirmed by Tina or Karl and it is unlikely that they are anything more than close friends, especially if you consider both Tina and Karl’s previous dating histories.

Karl and Tina’s dating histories

Although Karl has been single, as far as we know, since his Twitch and YouTube channels started growing, fans have theorised about him having a relationship with fellow streamers, Sapnap and later on, with Corinna Kopf.

However, most of these theories were made jokingly, as fans assumed their interactions were just friendly back-and-forth exchanges between friends.

Tina, on the other hand, had a serious relationship with a streamer called Jummychu for several years. However, the relationship ended in May 2021 and Tina has made no reference to a new boyfriend since then.

Why The Salad Gang made people think that Karl and Tina are dating

The Salad Gang is a nickname for a group of friends and content creators that includes CORPSE HUSBAND, TinaKitten, Karl Jacobs, Emma Langevin, BrookeAB, and 5up that came about after the conclusion of a joke-rivalry between CORPSE HUSBAND and Jschlatt over a Gymshark billboard in Times Square.

This group of streamers regularly meets up to play games via live streams and appear in each other’s videos and social media posts. Even outside of this online alignment, the group seems to be genuinely friends who hang out together socially outside of their online personalities.

Although there are many streamers in this group, fans have theorised that Karl and Tina seem to have a particularly close relationship, which has led to dating rumours, but the rumours have not been confirmed.

Other reasons why fans think Karl and Tina might be dating

Besides the fact that Tina and Karl seem to have a very close relationship in The Salad Gang, fans have also picked up on other hints that suggest these two streamers might be dating.

This includes instances where Karl and Tina posted photos of them shopping together and instances where Karl complimented Tina or Tina complimented Karl during streams.

However, until a relationship between Karl and Tina is confirmed, these instances can also be interpreted as a close friendship and flirtatious banter between friends.