Are Snapchat Best Friends mutual?

Looking at how Snapchat Best Friends can turn out to be mutual, what emojis represent Best Friends and how users can customise their Best Friends feature to show.


Snapchat is a great space to make new friends as well as to connect with already existing friends and family on a platform that allows you to get creative, goofy and funny in the ways you communicate through the popular multimedia sharing app.

You can get up to quite a lot of activity on Snapchat, and an interesting feature that Snapchat has is how it monitors the amount of activity between you and certain friends. This allows the platform to tell you who you are most interactive and connecting with.

Snapchat Best Friends

Being on platforms such as Snapchat means that you will be interacting with your friends on a frequent basis.

Snapchat has been smart enough to develop a feature known as the Best Friends feature, where it is able to rank who someone is most interactive with on a frequent basis.

When it establishes who your favourite friends are, it will assign them Best Friend emojis, that represent them as being one of your best friends on the app.

Since your best friends will be the friends that you snap and chat with the most, Snapchat allows you to have up to eight.

Are Snapchat Best Friends mutual?

When it comes to whether this interpretation by Snapchat is mutual for both people, yes it can be. Best friends get special friend emojis next to their names on the app, and these are subject to change from time to time.

In the case of Best Friends being mutual, this relates to you and a user who is ranked as your best friend at the time having a shared best friend in both your best friends lists.

When this is the case, the emoji that will appear next to the name is the sunglasses emoji.

There is also an instance where there can be Mutual Besties, where your number one best friend is also the number one Best Friend of one of your Best Friends.

Mutual Besties will have a grinning face emoji, while a Best Friend will have a smiley face emoji.

What are the other emojis friends can have?

Best Friend emojis are not the only emojis friends can have next to their names on Snapchat. When one of your friends happens to have a birthday, a birthday cake emoji will appear next to their name.

When friends are engaged in a Snapstreak, a fire emoji will appear next to the number of days you have been in a Snapstreak. A sand clock, on the other hand, only appears when a Snapstreak is ending.

When you are besties with someone a yellow heart will appear, BFF will have a red heart and Super BFF will have a double heart.

How are friend emojis customised on Snapchat?

When you use Snapchat, you will have to customise your friendship emojis if you want them to be active and show.

There are two different ways to do this on both Android and iOS devices.

To do this on an Android device, you will have to go to your settings in your “My Profile” page, navigate down to “Manage” under “Additional Services”, tap “Friend Emojis” and customise.

For iOS devices, you will have to do the same by going to “Settings” in “My Profile”, and scroll down to “Customise Emoji’s” to customise your Friend Emojis.

Can you see other friend’s Best Friends?

Snapchatters might be curious as to whether they can see other people’s Best Friends and unfortunately this used to be the case, but not anymore.

This is because there had been increasing concerns with user privacy, causing Snapchat to disable the feature. Snapchat Best Friends are now only visible to the owners themselves.

Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel confirmed that the change was also made to protect the identities of high-profile Snapchat users, and that once these privacy matters were dealt with properly, then Snapchat Best Friends could return to original and public settings.


Platforms such as Snapchat allow for users to connect with their friends on the app in so many ways.

They also offer great tools and features for how much time you spend talking to certain friends over certain periods, making it fun for you knowing who you talk to frequently.

Snapchat has an algorithm that allows it to read and monitor who users are talking to more often and therefore, ranks these individuals according to Best Friend rankings.

Besties can be mutual where Two Best Friends can have a mutual Best Friend or have the same mutual best friend.