Are Twitch subs recurring?

Twitch subs are recurring unless they are Amazon Prime subs or gifted subs, and iOS devices subs are also now recurring after the amendment in 2021.

A Twitch subscription or sub is one of the ways that the platform has introduced for community members to support Twitch Affiliates and Partners financially. However, there are also benefits for the individual that purchases the sub.

For the most part, depending on how the sub was purchased, it is usually recurring. However, the only subs that are not recurring are Amazon Prime subs and gifted subs.

This fact used to also include iOS device subs, but Twitch recanted that in 2021, following feedback from Twitch users about this.

What are the benefits of Twitch subs?

For Twitch Partners and Affiliates, the benefits of subscriptions work similarly to the YouTube membership.

This means that partners or affiliates can financially benefit from a subscription as the subscriber is charged a fee that is determined by the subscription they have chosen. Moreover, there are benefits to the subscriber, which include:

  • Emotes: Specially designed emoticons which are unique to the Twitch channel
  • Badges: Customised badges created by the channel creator which are displayed next to the subscriber’s name
  • Special alerts: After subscribing, a special button appears that allows the subscriber to share if they have renewed or donated money, which appears during a live stream
  • Exclusive chatroom: Grants subscribers direct access to the channel creator, especially if the channel creator has thousands of subscribers
  • Exclusive competitions
  • Ad-free viewing on all the channel’s streaming content on the channel

Are Twitch subs recurring?

Twitch subscriptions are recurring for the most part. The only non-recurring subscriptions are Amazon Prime subscriptions and gifted subscriptions.

The only change is with regard to the recurring subscriptions on iOS device subscriptions. This follows after the official announcement in 2021 which changed iOS device subscriptions from non-recurring to recurring.

In light of the change, Twitch officials explained that the decision to change this was based on the feedback from its community, explaining via the blog post:

“We learned from the community that non-renewing Sub Tokens on iOS can prevent them from consistently enjoying subscriber benefits and supporting their favourite creators.”

As such, now iOS devices can enjoy recurring subscriptions, which have been divided into three tiers, each with a different cost. This includes:

Tier Monthly cost
1 $4.99
2 $9.99
3 $24.99

While subscribers can choose the monthly subscription fee, Twitch has also attempted to make subscriptions more seamless and easier to pay for by introducing bulk payments, which reflect how long your stream remains active. The options are:

  • Three months: Specifically, 90 days from the first day of subscribing
  • Six months: Specifically, 120 days from the day of subscription

How to cancel a recurring Twitch subscription

If you are looking to cancel a recurring Twitch subscription. Specifically, if you want to cancel the subscription on the desktop, the steps you need to follow include:

  • Step 1: Click on the profile icon and select “Subscriptions”
  • Step 2: Click on the cog wheel
  • Step 3: Then select “Don’t Renew Subscription”
  • Step 4: You will then be redirected to a new page and asked for your reason for unsubscribing
  • Step 5: After entering the reason, click on “Don’t Renew Subscription”
  • Step 6: A page titled “Subscription No Longer Renewing” will appear, which confirms the cancellation of the subscription

How to turn off auto-subscriptions on Twitch mobile app

Turning off auto-subscription fees for Twitch is slightly different on the mobile app than it is on the desktop. Therefore, the steps to follow when you are cancelling your subscription on the app are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on the profile icon and select “Subscriptions”
  • Step 2: Find “Android Subscriptions” or “iOS subscriptions” and click on the subscriber you want to cancel
  • Step 3: A pop-up grey box titled “Cancel Subscription” will appear, and you need to confirm by clicking on it
  • Step 4: A confirmation pop-up will appear, which you need to select
  • Step 5: Thereafter, the subscription will not renew automatically

How long do subscriptions last?

As highlighted before, the option is available to choose between a monthly (30 days), trimonthly (90 days), and biannual (120 days) subscription.

Moreover, it is also important to note that if you cancel a subscription on Twitch, it is not immediate.  Instead, the last day of your subscription will be the last day on the initial subscription expiration date.

Therefore, if you have a monthly subscription (30 days) and it is cancelled on the twelfth day, the subscriber can continue to enjoy the subscription benefits until the 30 days are over.