Are TwitchCon tickets refundable?

TwitchCon tickets are not refundable, however, there was an opportunity to do so in August 2022 after the amendment that was made to the health measures.

The gaming community was disappointed when TwitchCon 2021 was cancelled. The cancellation was due to fears about another rise in COVID-19 infections, which could have been a superspreader event if the physical event commenced.

Hence there was a lot of excitement when it was confirmed that the physical event would return in 2022 with TwitchCon San Diego, but fears remained about possible infections.

Therefore, in August 2022, Twitch amended its health measures to allow for ticket refunds as TwitchCon tickets are usually non-refundable, transferable, or exchangeable if lost or stolen.

When will TwitchCon San Diego take place?

TwitchCon is a biannual event that Twitch members look forward to. Following the cancellation of the 2021 event, in September 2021, the leading streaming gaming platform confirmed that it was set to return with its physical convention in 2022.

The first convention took place in Amsterdam in July 2022. Now fans can look forward to the major event which will take place between Friday, 7 October 2022 and Sunday, 9 October 2022, at the San Diego Convention Centre.

Tickets for the convention are on sale, and TwitchCon has affirmed that tickets sales will close before the big event is sold out, before Monday, 3 October 2022.

Are TwitchCon tickets refundable?

TwitchCon had its last physical event in 2020, with the official big convention between the two biannual events taking place at the San Diego Convention Centre.

When it was hosted in 2020, tickets for the convention were non-refundable, transferable, or exchangeable if lost or stolen, which has been the general rule for TwitchCon tickets for years.

When it was announced that the physical event would return in 2022, the initial health measures the convention organisers had put in place were contested.

This is as it seemed like TwitchCon attendees feared that the measures would not guarantee their safety in terms of infections and spreading COVID-19.

As a result, in August 2022, Twitch announced that it had amended its previous health measures to better protect attendees from the virus.

As such, it was aware that some attendees who already bought tickets may not want to attend the convention due to the amended health measures and policies to gain access to TwitchCon.

In light of this, the organisers opened a defined window period which allowed buyers to get ticket refunds. The refund window period was between Monday, 12 August 2022 and Friday, 19 August 2022.

Thereafter, it seems that the convention has reverted back to its original stance that tickets are non-refundable, transferable, or exchangeable.

What are the new health measures?

In light of the updated health measures for the upcoming TwitchCon San Diego 2022, Twitch recently shared them on its website. However, the really poignant measures which may be contentious for goers include:

  • All attendees either need to provide proof of vaccination or a valid COVID-19 negative test result which is taken within 72 hours (three days) before the convention.
  • All attendees will be required to wear approved face coverings when attending indoor events. The only time this will be waived is during outdoor events and spaces like standing in line and the official TwitchCon party.

Further details regarding eligible face coverings are available on the website.

What can I look forward to at TwitchCon?

The health measures put in place were to ensure that as many people attend TwitchCon and have fun without the fear of possibly catching COVID-19 as possible.

The convention will have many events to look forward to, some of which include TwitchCon classics like the cosplay contest, Rivals tournaments, meet and greets, rare loot, panels, Artist Alley, and a musical performance, which has yet to be revealed.

Moreover, this convention will introduce the first drag showcase, and other surprise events will be introduced during the convention.

Who will be attending TwitchCon San Diego 2022?

In addition to the events, both classic and new ones set to be introduced in 2022, attendees will also get the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the leading Twitch streamers.

The streamers that have confirmed their attendance during the three-day convention are pokimane, tyleroakley, DisguisedToast, MsAshRocks, cheebs, and neeko.

During the convention you can take photos, get autographs, and get insight on these and other leading Twitch streamers as they will also be part of panel discussion during TwitchCon San Diego 2022.