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Avoid the new wave of earning in groups

Earning in groups

A new way of earning a salary, as implemented by some companies, is grouping employees and having them equally share their profit with colleagues.

I have never heard of companies that pay their employees in groups or companies in which employees had to share their salary with colleagues within their group. Many of us to work alone so we can reap the full benefits of our individualised pay cheques as your motivation to work harder. I was shocked when I had a chat with a friend who revealed that the reason she left her previous company was because an individual’s pay had to be divided amongst others within the group.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine asked me to lend her money, which I politely did, but I asked her if she really needed the money, as her pay date was fast approaching. This is when she told me that her company was no longer able to pay its employees individually, so they had to work in groups of four to earn a living.

Each person had a task to complete and come pay day, the four individuals would have to share their income within themselves. What I found unfair is that they all made different amounts of money. Some made R4 000 for the month, while others made R1 500. I strongly felt that this was an unjust treatment towards the workers and felt that the employees should have taken legal measures to receive fair compensation.