Awkward Family Photos game

The Awkward Family Photos game is a fun way of pairing awkward family photos with some of the best movie lines for plentiful fun and laughter.

Taking family photographs can be one of the most precious experiences to have together as a family. These experiences can also present some of the most awkward moments and funny photo outcomes. Awkward family photos have been turned into an actual funny board game for families to play.

The Awkward Family Photos board game is a hilarious idea that came about from the experience of awkward, captured family moments and photoshoots. The game is interesting if you are keen to try it, knowing how to play it will also be helpful.

What does The Awkward Family Photos game consist of?

The Awkward Family Photos game is a board game played with cards. When you purchase the game, it will include 330 movie line cards, one box of 80 large, double-sided cards featuring 160 Awkward Family Photos, as well as all the instructions needed to play the game.

One might wonder what the movie line cards are for and how they will be played in the game. Well, they do serve a purpose, and a funny one at that.

Awkward Family Photos game

The objective of The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game, is to be the first player to win four to five rounds, depending on the number of people playing, by playing movie line cards that best caption an Awkward Family Photos in play.

This is where the movie line cards come into play, they are the best and funniest part of the game for many.

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When it is your turn to play, you assume the role of “The Critic” that decides who wins the round. You pick the next Awkward Family Photos card from the box that says, “Pick New Cards From Here.”

Look at both sides of the card and decide which photo you want to play by placing that side of the card face-up for all other players to see.

After looking at the picture, the other players will look through their eight cards and decide which movie line best captions the given photo and they will place their selected caption card face down in the centre of the play area.

When every player has placed their cards, you collect and shuffle the cards and read each movie line out loud. Players are encouraged to yell the movie title if they know the reference.

As the critic, you then choose the movie line that best captions the photo and whoever placed the caption wins that round and keeps their winning card and photo, placing both cards face-up.

The remaining caption cards are moved and not reused. Players are dealt another movie line card to maintain the eight cards that every player should have at the beginning of every round.

How to set up Awkward Family Photos

To set up the game and start playing, place the box of Awkward Family Photos cards in the middle of the play area.

Try not to look at the cards as the game is more fun when there is an element of surprise. Shuffle the deck of movie line cards and deal every player eight cards, facing down.

Players should keep their cards hidden from others and the extra movie line cards should be kept facedown and out of the area of play. The youngest player is to go play first and the game should move clockwise.

Alternative ways to play the game with fewer players

If you find that there are not enough players in the game, you can still play the game by having a trivia battle where players each grab a stack of movie line cards and take turns reading the movie lines aloud.

The first player to guess the movie that the line comes from wins the card. The first player to collect a total of eight cards wins the game.

Playing “Turn In Four” and “The Director’s Cut”

Turn in Four gives all players one chance to trade in up to four of their movie line cards for four new cards after eight rounds.

The Director’s Cut approach to playing the game is an alternate way of winning the game after it has been played a couple of times. The first player to win the first three rounds with movie line cards from three of the five movie genres can win the game.