Awkward Guests board game

The Awkward Guests game is for players who will enjoy the thrill of an immersive experience as an investigator of one of the most mysterious murder cases.

If you have always been someone that is fascinated by the world of crime and investigation, and you have wondered how well you would pull off being a detective, then this board game can help you put your detective skills to the test to see how well you can solve mystery crimes.

The Awkward Guests board game is a game in which you can play a detective. It is a one-of-a-kind game that places you at the forefront of a mysterious murder investigation that you have to solve. So, what does the board game entail in terms of playing detective?

What is Awkward Guests about?

The Awkward Guests board game is an innovative game filled with mystery and investigation. It immerses you in a world of murder and the mysterious case of Mr Walton’s murder.

The game has a brilliantly engaging deck system that actively places you at the forefront of the investigation of this bizarre murder case and allows you to use genuine detective abilities to solve each case.

The game is said to be simple to learn, with easy mechanics. It is an interesting board game for people that are intrigued by the world of crime and investigation.

Awkward Guests board game

In addition to the fact that the game is easy to understand, players will find that the detective methodology that is used is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand for everyone.  Hence, anyone is able to enjoy it and play along and experience the thrill of solving Mr Walton’s murder.

The scenario of the game is that you and your criminal investigation colleagues are summoned to the Walton mansion after receiving an urgent call in the middle of the night.

On the phone, the housekeeper informs you that Mr Walton has been found dead in his study.

You and the other players then have to set out to solve the mystery by finding the answers to the questions: “Who killed Mr Walton?”, “How did they end his life?”, “Why did they kill him?”, and “Were there any accomplices involved?”

When the game starts, players are immediately immersed in the case and the investigation starts with the discovery of a letter that was allegedly written by Mr Walton himself.

In the letter he claimed that he knew he was going to die on night, and he confirmed that he is indeed dead.

The name of the game, Awkward Guests, comes into play when the players learn that Mr Walton has invited the “awkward guests” that he believed may have been planning to kill him in his mansion that night and that you and your criminal investigation colleagues have now been tasked with interrogating all seven of them to find who the killer might be.

Who was Mr Walton?

Woodruff Walton, in the game, was known for having one of the greatest fortunes in the nation. He was described as having exceptional business instincts and an unscrupulous nature, and many believed that these traits attributed to his achievements.

Through money he had power, and many people who have this kind of power change into selfish, tyrannical, and miserable beings. Mr Walton, however, was like this long before he acquired his wealth.

This makes it quite difficult to believe that he had any friends, and he more likely would have had many enemies.

Who are the seven “awkward guests” under investigation in the game?

In his letter to you and your criminal investigation colleagues, Mr Walton names the awkward guests who are suspects in his murderer.

They are his old “mediocre” university classmate, Stanley Smithe; his “slow-witted nephew”, Mortimer W. Mollow; his late associate’s “despicable” daughters, Beatrice and Berenice Berwick; the “incompetent” bodyguard, Greg Gaffney; his “former” housemaid, Claudette Cazelar; and his “unbearable friend” Angelica Albinson.

It is evident in the way that Mr Walton describes every person on the list that he did not hold them in high regard.

Aspects of the game

Two to eight players can play this game and there are 3 600 different possible solutions to it and millions of mysteries. Each card in the game contains a piece of vital information that can help you solve the case.

The information includes statements from suspects, alibis, police reports, forensics findings, and so much more.

Each game uses a predefined set of cards from the box so that no player has access to the case details before the game begins and everyone is an investigator.

Every card in the game provides information that is coherent with the information on the rest of the cards and every predefined game deck accounts for one exclusive mystery with one exclusive solution.