Bailey Sarian x Estate Cosmetics

In 2020, Bailey Sarian, a well-known YouTuber, collaborated with Estate Cosmetics to launch her own eyeshadow palette, Venice Fling.

Bailey Sarian is a popular American YouTuber, Instagram personality and social media celebrity. She became an instant hit when she started the video series, Murder, Mystery and Makeup on her YouTube channel.

In the series, Sarian talks about real-life crime stories while doing her makeup. She also became widely known on Instagram for her makeup and beauty photos and videos.

Additionally, Bailey also uploads skincare, lifestyle, dark history and vlog content on her YouTube channel. The channel currently has more than five million subscribers and 540,273,375 views, while her Instagram account currently has over two million followers.

Due to Sarian’s popularity, well-known makeup brands such as IPSY and Estate Cosmetics have collaborated with her. Bailey had the opportunity to launch her own eyeshadow palette with Estate Cosmetics in August 2020.

On the official website, Estate Cosmetics stated, “This limited edition nine-pan eyeshadow palette is all the summer feels. Creamy, blendable and buildable, these shades are perfect for a beachy day vibe or a hot date night look. The palette includes matte and shimmer finishes.”

The palette, Venice Fling Bailey Sarian x ESTATE Eyeshadow Palette, features nine beautiful colours. The shades include a yellow gold shimmer, coral, papaya, warm brown, rose gold shimmer and brown terracotta. In addition, the palette also features a purple shimmer, a red rust shimmer and a cool dark brown with silver foil.

Estate Cosmetics stated that fans will love the palette as it is a versatile, sunset-inspired palette with pops of colour for every mood. It has hyper-pigmented shadows and is blendable, buttery and buildable.

This palette is available to purchase on the official Estate Cosmetics website for $30. In the reviews section of the website, one fan stated, “Beautiful colours. It has little to no fall out, and I would recommend it to everyone. It is definitely my go to palette!”

In addition to Estate Cosmetics, Loud Lacquer also collaborated with Sarian on a murder mystery-themed nail polish.