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Become a tutor to make extra income

Become a tutor to make extra income

The subjects you passed with flying colours can generate an income for you by implementing your experience and knowledge as a tutor.

Parlay your math, science, art lessons or test-prep expertise into a lucrative side gig by becoming a private tutor. You can either tutor people online or in person and what you charge can depend on your experience expertise and what’s in demand.

Obtaining outstanding marks in Consumer Studies and Artistic Studies gave me the enthusiastic drive to become a tutor. I was never an online tutor because I felt like teaching someone via texts and have them not understand would be discouraging for me.

I only tutored a small group of grade 11 students earlier this year, where we had in-person sessions. My biggest advantage was that my brother took consumer studies as one of his subjects and he constantly complained about how much he and his friends failed to understand the elements of measuring and calculations presented in the subject. This gave me an idea on how to structure my lessons and what to focus on.

Twice a month, I would host tutorial classes from 12:00-15:00, working with ten of these learners and charging them R150 for both sessions. This meant that I made an earning of R1 500 per month. However, I didn’t receive this income monthly as I only gave them lessons per term, so my earnings amounted to R6 000 for the whole year.

This side hustle sharpened my skills and prepared me for the future, as I want to become a high school teacher. I made use of my brother, who advertised my business at his school via word-of-mouth.