Being the best version of you

Learn to embrace your peculiarity and flaunt it. Here’s how:

Human beings are all different. We are born with different temperaments which develop into different personality types. Both our biology and environment shape the ideologies and hegemonic ideals which we live by. Becoming the best version of yourself means embracing your own uniqueness and working to perfecting it. This is so important for personal growth and finding fulfilment. Try these strategies to help you become the best version of yourself:

Go on a journey of self-discovery

Self-discovery is a process which requires patience and courage; it is not attainable in a few days. It’s also a journey to finding your true and authentic identity. This will require you to self-introspect in an attempt to find your key qualities and interests. You will have to stay true to your authentic self and this  means avoiding untruthful and inaccurate beliefs you already have about yourself.

Try self-improvement

Nobody really becomes the best at anything without much effort. In order to improve, you need to take time to sharpen your skills and abilities. Learning and unlearning are at the core of any kind of improvement. Self-improvement also means  learning from your own mistakes and doing better going forward. Open yourself up to learning from your own past experiences and vicariously through others.

Moreover, in order to improve, you need to learn to change the things you don’t like about yourself. For example, if you don’t like your current physical appearance, you could either go to the gym to tone up, or visit a plastic surgeon to change a few features. People tend to feel good when they are happy with themselves. This also applies to achieving goals and succeeding in life.