Best drink recipes from Bar Rescue

Some of the best drink recipes that were created for the Bar Rescue television program include the Godfather, the Resurrection, and the Currant Twist.

Bar Rescue stands out from other business-rescue reality television shows, because it has the perfect combination of business-savvy tips and drama to keep it interesting.

Although there have been many different drinks created by the hosts over the course of the show, the best ones include the Godfather, the Resurrection, and the Current Twist.

What makes Bar Rescue so interesting to watch?

Bar Rescue is an American television series that first started airing in 2011.

What sets this television show apart from other business rescue-type television shows is the fact that Jon Taffer, who was one of the first six inductees in the Nightclub Hall of Fame, stars in the show and uses his trademark straight-shooting remarks and years of experience in the food and beverage industry and with managing bars, pubs, and nightclubs, to help struggling bar owners turn their businesses around.

Although the show may seem all business and no fun on paper, the show features some of the best dramatic moments that reality television has to offer in its eight seasons to date.

Best drink recipes from Bar Rescue

The premise that the show Bar Rescue is built on is that Jon and his team of industry experts observe and evaluate how failing bars across the United States operate and then revamp them in all aspects.

This includes the layout and design of the space, the business of the bar, the marketing plan, and of course, the drink recipes.

Over the course of its over 200 episodes, Jon and his team have helped 101 bars to keep their doors open over the years since the show’s launch.

Although the show’s success rate of rescuing bars is not 100 percent, over the course of the years, some of the drink recipes developed, especially to save bars on the show, have stood out from the rest.

Some of the best drink recipes from Bar Rescue and their corresponding episodes in the series if you would like to watch along, include:

Bar Rescue drink name Episode of Bar Rescue that the drink was featured in Why is this drink considered to be one of the best?
The Godfather Cocktail Season 8, episode 2 This is the host of the show, Jon Taffer’s favourite cocktail to drink
The Resurrection Season 3, episode 1 This is Jon Taffer’s favourite drink to be featured on Bar rescue.
The Current Twist Season 4, episode 9 Jon Taffer has coined this a perfect, easy, and refreshing cocktail to make at home

However, knowing what the best drinks are from Bar Rescue will only get you so far, what is really important, is knowing how to make these drinks.

How to make the Godfather Cocktail from Bar Rescue

The Godfather Cocktail is Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue’s favourite cocktail to drink and it was featured in a particularly emotional episode of the show where Jon helped one of his mentors, Nico Santucci. Although this cocktail is so significant, it is refreshingly easy to make.

You only need to:

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How to make the Resurrection from Bar Rescue

The Resurrection is Jon Taffer’s favourite cocktail of all of the drinks that have been featured on the show and it has a great colour when it is done. This makes it the perfect refreshing drink for any occasion.

To make the Resurrection, you need to add the following ingredients to a shaker and then serve strained in a glass with ice:

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How to make the Current Twist from Bar Rescue

When he was asked what drink everyone should be able to make, Jon Taffer said that a Twist, like the Current Twist, is the perfect simple and refreshing cocktail that everyone should be able to make. All you need for this recipe is:

This Bar Rescue drink is best served with a lime wedge as a garnish and it is easy enough that you can make it in your own home.

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