Three of the best Kitchen Nightmares episodes

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares was a culinary show which ended after seven seasons, due to a bout of anger by Ramsay; here are three of the best episodes.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the leading authorities today when it comes to cuisine and creating reality shows based on food and hospitality. One such reality show which was partialy created by Ramsay was the hit hospitality show, Kitchen Nightmares. The show premiered in 2007 and followed the acclaimed five-star Michelin chef as he visited troubled restaurants around America, spending a week with the owners in an effort to save the restaurants from impending ruin.

Kitchen Nightmares was introduced as a spin-off of the United Kingdom’s Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The original version first aired in 2004 and had six seasons in total until 2014, when Ramsay decided to cancel the series all together. Kitchen Nightmares, on the other hand, had a seven-season run from 2007 to 2014.

Why was Kitchen Nightmares cancelled?

Ramsay is known for his fiery personality, and seemingly, the reason for the end of the series can be attributed to this fact. When the series was cancelled, it was still a popular show that garnered positive numbers. However, as the seasons continued, there was growing criticism that the show was not effective, as the restaurants would fail again after some time. It seems that this continued critique was why Ramsay chose to cancel the show.

In the seven years since Ramsay cancelled the show, and after some reflections on the matter, it was reported that he regrets cancelling the show in a bout of rage. In hindsight, he has realised that the restaurants were bound to fail again, as the owners and remaining staffers would resort to old habits. While Ramsay might regret his decision, it does not seem that there will be a revival as he is already working on multiple projects as it sits.

Three highly rated episodes of Kitchen Nightmares

In the seven seasons of the United States spinoff, there have been a number of memorable episodes from the show. Various lists rate the episodes below differently, when rating the best episodes from the series. However, the list below is of the most highly rated episodes from the seven seasons.

Amy’s Baking Company

The unanimously rated must-watch episode of Kitchen Nightmares is from the sixth season of the series, Amy’s Baking Company. The episode marked the sixteenth episode of the season. Moreover, it is the most highly rated episode of the show by IMDb, which gave it a 9.3/10 rating. The rate is the highest of any episode from the entire season, with other episodes only achieving a rating of just over 7/10.

Attempting to help the failing business, Ramsay was introduced to couple, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. The couple has been dubbed one of the most delusional couples on television since the airing. This is as they believed that they had called in Ramsay to endorse the quality of their products. However, he felt contrary. Due to their stance, the result was Ramsay giving up on the restaurant and walking away from the business. Subsequently, the business closed down.


Oceana was the season four finale. The episode is loved by fans of the show as it showcased how a failing restaurant can be overturned into a success and one of the most highly recommended restaurants in New Orleans. The episode is based on two Italian brothers, Rami and Moe, who run a restaurant which, before Ramsay’s arrival, was not known for its food.

Ramsay came to the restaurant to help turn the business around. However, the first hurdle he needed to overcome was the language barrier. This is as the brothers did not understand Ramsay due to his British accent. This resulted in a comical episode with ebbs and flows filled with laughter, high moments of intense drama, and a happy ending.

Burger Kitchen

Burger Kitchen was the two-part episode which aired during season five of the series. The episode saw Ramsay going into a burger joint run by owners, Alan and Jen. The two started the restaurant with their son’s inheritance, which his grandfather left for him. In light of how they acquired the capital to start the business, the owners were already dealing with familial backlash for their decision, more so in light of the state in which the restaurant was in, as it was heading for financial ruin.

Moreover, Jen and Alan were at loggerheads with the staff of the restaurant. Their animosity towards each other played out and reached its peak, so much so that Alan ended up firing the head chef of his restaurant on television.