Best online software to create Gantt charts

The best Gantt chart software for your business will depend on the functionality and the price of the software and there are free, paid, and freemium options available.


Integrating Gantt chart software as a project management tool can be greatly beneficial for your business.

There are several free, paid and combinations of free and paid software options available to suit your business’s needs.

About Gantt chart software

Gantt charts are a popular project management tool used by professionals to ensure that projects stay organised and are executed within the allotted project timeframe.

This visual tool assists with keeping projects on track in terms of their timeframes and budget, by illustrating different tasks as horizontal bars that form part of the overall project or chart.

There are several kinds of software that have the capability to chart milestones, breakdowns, and paths in this way to help organisations utilise Gantt charts in a way that will be beneficial for their particular business’s needs.

Best online software to create Gantt charts

There are many software solutions that feature Gantt chart functionality and it can be difficult to determine what the differences are between these solutions and which one will be the best for your business.

However, there are numerous factors to consider about each of these software solutions that can help you narrow down the best option for your business needs. Budget is often the most important consideration when it comes to choosing software for your business.

Fortunately, there are software solutions available at various price points. In general, more expensive options include more features, but there are also excellent free options that have all the necessary features you will need.

There are also options that have both free packages with the opportunity to upgrade at a later stage if you feel that your business needs the added features.

The best free online software for Gantt charts

Free online Gantt chart software is often a good choice for small teams or businesses that are new to using Gantt charts as a project management tool, and want to test it out before implementing this system permanently.

The free Gantt chart software are often open-source or community tools and, thus, have less interesting and expansive features. This software may also offer less support in terms of customer service or technical assistance than paid software does.

Nevertheless, there are some excellent free online Gantt chart software options, including:

Name Notable features and functionality Notable drawbacks

Gantt Project

This software can export to CSV, PDF, HTML, and PNG files and has a resource management function. This software only allows you to open one project at a time and has limited reporting capabilities on projects.


This software has clear milestones and due dates creating capabilities and charts can be easily distributed throughout the company. This  software is better for long-term projects and not as good for weekly or daily tasks. Furthermore, charts cannot be exported as PDF files.

The best paid online software for Gantt charts

Once businesses experience the usefulness of Gantt chart software for project-management purposes, many choose to invest in paid Gantt chart software.

These paid software solutions include more features and allow you to manage more projects simultaneously. They also allow you to include more team members for each project. Some of the best paid online software options for Gantt charts are:

Name Description Cost

Office Timeline

Specifically designed to create charts for slideshow presentations $99 annually or up to $149 monthly

Microsoft Project

Great option for a project management tool $10 per user monthly or up to $55 per user monthly

The best “freemium” online software for Gantt charts

There are also options that have free and upgraded paid versions available, such as:

Name Description Pricing


This software has been proven to optimise productivity in projects Free up to $19 per user monthly


Very visually appealing project management tool Free up to $15 per user monthly

Instagantt for Asana

Add-on designed to work with Asana Free up to $5 per user monthly


Allows businesses to import data from import files from Excel and Microsoft Project Free up to $24.80 per user monthly


Cloud-based software with striking design options Free up to $29.95 monthly

Final thoughts

Gantt chart software can be used to increase your business’s project management capabilities.

Depending on your specific needs, there are good free, paid, and “freemium” software options available on the market that can be beneficial for you or your business.