Black Summer: Why did Anna kill Spears?

After devastating events, Spears asked Anna to put him out of his misery and without hesitating, Anna killed him, which inherently caused tension between her and her mother.

Black Summer is an American television series. The first season premiered on Netflix on 11 April 2019. The series follows a mother who was separated from her daughter during the earliest and most deadly days of a zombie apocalypse. The first season ended with Rose, played by Jaime King, reuniting with her daughter, Anna, played by Zoe Marlett.

Season two premiered on 17 June 2021, giving fans everything they loved about season one and more. The viewers witness Rose and Anna, along with Spears, played by Justin Chu Cary, and Sun, played by Christine Lee, trying to reach a destination that promises to provide them with safety.

Rose and Anna get separated from their companions after a violent confrontation with a well-armed militant group. Spears is seriously wounded, while Sun is taken as a prisoner. Feeling that he would slow Anna and Rose down, Spears decides to let them leave without him.

Anna and Rose discover a mansion in which they take shelter, but it comes with its own problems. Not long after, a woman turns into a zombie, putting all the residents’ lives in jeopardy. To ease the problem, Rose and Anna decide to shoot the rest. The mother and daughter then make their way to Elk Valley Lodge, where they have enough supplies to last a year. Sun manages to escape the militant group and join hem at the lodge.

To his surprise, Spears is still alive. He meets up with an old friend, Braithwaite, and continues on his journey. Shortly after, their paths separate, as Spears sets out to find his former companions.

Spears arrives at the lodge and Anna is quick to identify that his wounds are terminal. Despite being emotional when Spears asks her to put him out of his misery, Anna does not spend much time thinking about it and shoots him.

Although Anna’s decision causes tension between her and her mother, it becomes clear that their bond is unbreakable. Rose gets injured and demands that Anna and Sun get on the airplane without her. Anna initially follows the orders, but decides to turn back to save her mother.

Although Netflix has not released a formal announcement on the anticipated renewal of Black Summer for another season, viewers are expecting a third season, particularly as season two ended on a cliffhanger.