Brooklyn remains single after breakup from Brooks, whilst twin, Bailey, prepares for marriage

The McKnight twins should consider starting individual Instagram accounts, seeing as they are moving in different directions, with one sister set to wed and the other still healing from a recent breakup.

Bailey McKnight took to Instagram on Tuesday, 20 April 2021, to relive her engagement to Asa Howard.

The two announced their engagement on their social media platforms in March 2021, where they shared in images of the romantic proposal planned by Howard.

However, the subsequent posts were singular shots of recently single twin, Brooklyn.

In March 2021, the twin had taken to Instagram and shared a lengthy caption, stating, “This past weekend, Brooks and I broke up. Before I say more, know that our relationship was a healthy and happy one. I never believed in timing before, but at the end of the day, we were in two different places in life, and we both struggled to come to terms with it. This has been so difficult for me to realize. Sometimes, two good people can be in the wrong relationship.”

Brooklyn went on to add, “I have learned that it is never wrong to love someone, but that it is important to recognize when a relationship isn’t able to move in the direction I need and desire. It has been a week of healing, and now it is time for me to let [you all] know so I can move on in a new way. All the love and support would be greatly appreciated as I heal and transition back into the dating world.”

This could also be a sign that the two sisters are ready to begin their individual accounts on social media.