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Buy in bulk to save on costs, especially toiletries

Buy in bulk to save on costs, especially toiletries

Toiletries are a very expensive part of most people’s monthly expenditures; depending on the brands one uses, toiletries can easily amount to R500, or more, in some instances.

Buying toiletries is a very expensive habit and a lot of people buy them monthly, under the impression that they are spending less. This, however, I’ve found to be false, at least for myself. In my first two years of university, I used to buy my toiletries monthly, because I did not like using the same scents and brands for a prolonged period. Although this worked for me, because I received a separate allowance for toiletries at home, I started feeling the sting in third year.

Buying toiletries in bulk works out much lesser than buying individual products. I usually wait for the three-for-two sale at Clicks, which they have every so often. The last time I took advantage of the three-for-two sale, I paid R300 for three facial products, for which I usually pay R450. I also buy my body sprays during this sale, soap, and essentials like sanitary products, which retail at ridiculous prices for necessities.

I usually also extend my bulk-buying to cleaning detergents and toilet paper. Woolworths and Dischem often sell cleaning detergents and toilet paper at a steal. Just this month, I paid about R60 for a three-pack of detergent products and about R80 for an 18-pack of toilet paper, which usually costs about R110.

Buying in bulk also gives you an opportunity to use your following pay checks on other things. I always advise my friends to take advantage of toiletry sales, even if they have some in stock. Because these products are non-perishable, buying them in bulk will never result in wastage.