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Buy shares at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange from as little as R5

Buy shares at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange from as little as R5

The JSE summoned a new venture for women to invest in shares and buy them with as little as R5 as a head start.

I came to realize the fundamentals of investing and learnt that one doesn’t necessarily have to invest at a bank a big investment company. as a woman, I was excited to learn that the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has set a platform for us to invest with as little as R5.

In August 2019, a friend of mine invited me to attend the JSE Women’s Month expo with her, an event specifically for women to learn and understand why it’s important to invest and to groom maverick women that know financial freedom. I got to realize that things aren’t the same anymore as you can’t compare the life our parents lived in the eighties with the present. Being a millennial, I’ve always set standards for myself and took an oath that I will work hard and take desperate measures in order to succeed.

The expo taught us different market scales and how we could invest with as little as R5 into our account and buy shares. Although we only hear of such things when a business venture is being discussed, the truth is you can also buy shares and be given an opportunity to put them on the market, should another investor be interested in buying them.

This educated me to see things differently and not always rely on banks. That’s why I encourage one to step out of their comfort zone, especially if you’re a woman. Go seek your financial liberation.