Caiti and Cole’s breakup suggests YouTube relationships do not last

Caiti and Cole were one of YouTube’s most popular young couples, but have since broken up, which is a decision that they claim was mutual.

Popular YouTuber, Caiti Mackenzie, published a video in March 2019 announcing that she and fellow YouTuber, Cole Bell, were dating. The announcement came two months after the couple made it official, according to the “It’s Official… We’re Dating” video that was published prior. The couple clarified that despite rumours and suggestions of their relationship being initiated in August 2018, they only started dating in January 2019.

The aforementioned video counts as one of the most-watched videos on her channel. However, the budding relationship between the two did not last more than just over a year. To announce their breakup, the two did not go for the conventional “It’s Over” video, instead, they confirmed the news through videos that were titled and themed to focus on other things.

Despite their separation, the two have not deleted the videos of each other on their channels yet. Following his return to YouTube in September 2020, Cole released a video titled “I’m Back Baby.” The video was expected to clarify the reason for his break from publishing videos on YouTube, but instead, he used the thumbnail to suggest that he has a new girlfriend.

Currently, Cole has amassed over 109 000 followers on his channel. However, his most-watched videos are those relating to his relationship with Caiti, as the aforementioned video has over 122 000 views, compared to the average five-digit views on his other videos. In the video, Cole claimed that the breakup was mutual, hence they have continued to keep the videos of them together on their channels.

However, the common practice for many young YouTube couples is to delete the videos, except for the one declaring the breakup. Their breakup makes them just another casualty and proves that young YouTube couples hardly ever last.