What Mizkif said on CallMeCarson regrets

Mizkif had to offer a public apology for collaborating with CallMeCarson, describing it as one of his biggest regrets, after the backlash he received for collaborating with a so-called predator.

Matthew Rinaudo, popularly known as Mizkif, is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber. In August 2021, he faced backlash for collaborating with fellow Twitch streamer and YouTuber, CallMeCarson. The two collaborated on a video on Mizkif’s YouTube channel, Mizkif Clips. The channel consists of predominantly short vlogs, reaction videos and reviews, and he currently has over 306 000 subscribers.

CallMeCarson, real name Carson King, is a disgraced American YouTuber, Twitch streamer and comedian. He was popular for gaming videos that focused on Invading Discord Servers and DeviantArt is NOT Safe videos. He gained more popularity when he co-created the Minecraft multiplayer event, SMPLive. The YouTube channel was created in 2012 and is still available with over 2.9 million subscribers.

Backlash arose in August 2021, when Mizkif revealed that CallMeCarson was living with him and that they had collaborated on a video. This is as it was believed that he was endorsing a predator. CallMeCarson was accused of having sent inappropriate images of himself and requesting the same from underage teenagers. Moreover, it was believed that he was grooming them – a matter he denied – but he still bears the stigma attached to the accusations.

Mizkif has not taken down the videos which feature CallMeCarson, but he reportedly stated, “I don’t regret anything, but that was one of my biggest regrets… I don’t think he’s a pedophile in the slightest… Why I regret it is because afterward, I learned things that I didn’t know beforehand.”

He added, “Some friends of mine who actually know the situation talked to me about it and were like ‘Dude, this is the real reason we’re upset.’ I didn’t know that. I felt really bad afterward, so that’s pretty much it.”