Can a universal remote control a Roku TV?

Certain models of universal remotes can control your Roku TV and have specific button support, functions, or they may work with your other Roku devices.

Roku devices and televisions became popular because of their convenience and their all-in-one designs.

The fact that most universal remotes are compatible with your Roku TV only adds to this convenience. It is important that you first ensure that the remote is compatible with your Roku device, and that it is effective.

Why are Roku devices so popular?

Roku devices have become a popular addition to many households because they provide an all-in-one solution that encompasses all of your streaming services.

Roku devices are also known for having a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. Roku is also unique in that it is not owned by a large tech company.

This means that unlike the Amazon Fire TV, and the Apple TV, Roku devices tend to support most platforms, websites, and applications, which means that it is often the best option if you want access to a wide variety of content streaming options.

Can a universal remote control a Roku TV?

Universal remote controls are designed to work with most popular Smart TVs, home theatre systems, and devices. As such, most universal remotes should work with your Roku TV.

However, most universal remotes are made differently and the problem with universal remotes and Roku TVs that often appears, is that not all universal remotes have the same buttons as the Roku original remote.

This could easily leave customers disappointed when they, for instance, can only control the volume of their Roku TV, and cannot access the convenient buttons that they may be used to.

To solve this problem, you should consult the list of remote models that are compatible with Roku devices and familiarise yourself with the kind of buttons that these remotes have.

If this list is not enough, you can also consider universal remotes that advertise that they are compatible with Roku TVs and that are known to be some of the best options in the market.

When you are searching for a universal remote for your Roku TV, it is also important that you consider any other Roku devices that you may have in your home.

Not all universal remotes can control the Roku stick or Express devices, therefore, if you have more than one Roku device, it may be a better choice to find this alternative to a universal remote.

Compatible remote models for the Roku TV

Buying a satellite or universal remote that is on the official Roku compatible devices list will ensure that you can control your Roku TV with this device seamlessly.

You should also consider the kind of button support that these remotes have to ensure that you are not disappointed or caught by surprise if you can only control the basic power, volume, and input select functions and not the expanded, more advanced back, home, up, down, right, left, replay, play or pause, reverse scan, and forward scan functions.

The compatible remote models and their button support are as follows:

Brand Compatible remote models Button support
ATT Uverse  S10-S1, S-20/S-30  Basic
 Bright House Cable URC1056  Expanded
 Cablevision  UR2-CBL-CV04  Basic
 Charter  UR4U–MDVR–CHD2  Basic
 Comcast  OnDemand DVR 3 Device  Expanded
 Cox Communications  URC-8820-MOTO  Expanded
 DirecTV  RC65  Basic
 Dish Network  21.1 IR/UHF  Basic
 onn.  ONA12AV058  Expanded
 RCA/Voxx  RCRN03BR  Expanded
 Time Warner  UR5U-8780L  Basic
 Verizon FIOS  VZ P265v3 RC  Basic
 XFINITY  XR2, XR5, Voice Remote XR11  Basic

Best universal remotes to control your Roku TV with

There are many options when it comes to universal remotes that can control Roku TVs, but some of the best when it comes to customer reviews include:

Universal remote name Number of devices Functionality Price on Amazon
Philips Universal Remote Control Up to four different devices at once Best affordable option

GE Universal Remote Control Up to six different devices Best Backlit option

Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control Up to 10 devices at once Best option for customisation


Best universal remote alternatives for your Roku TV

Although Infrared (IR) remotes, like the universal remotes mentioned above, can be used to control your Roku TV, they are not compatible with the Roku Stick device, as this device requires Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, the Roku official application is free to download on Android and iOS devices and includes a virtual remote control that you can use instead of your Roku Remote. If you want a more universal option, the Logitech Harmony Companion All in One is a more expensive option, but it includes a host of features such as voice control and automation functionalities.