Can someone see if you screenshot an Instagram story?

Can people get away with taking screenshots of peoples posts and stories on the platform, and how can one avoid being detected for taking a screenshot of DM’s?


The advancement of our technological devices, specifically our mobiles has assisted in making life so much simpler, but in some sense, it has also made it sneakier. This can be seen through the screenshots you can take to save what you are seeing on your screen as an image.

Screenshots have made it easy to save anything you might come across that will be of reference to you in the future. This is why a screenshot can be of anything, and people often use it to screenshot things off the internet, such as a post from different social media platforms.

Screenshots on Instagram

Instagram users can also take screenshots of what they see and like or would want to use from the app and people’s posts. Moreover, anyone can take a screenshot of a post by another user or their story.

Typically, if someone takes a screenshot on the app, it is because they may like the post, and want to share it elsewhere, or they may have stumbled on information from a post that they would need to use later.

Can someone see if you screenshot an Instagram story?

The big question is whether a user is in any way alerted or can see when someone has taken a screenshot of anything they have shared on the platform. To some people, screenshots are invasive and they might not be comfortable with the fact that their images, especially images of them are being screenshot to be used by someone else.

That being said, the answer to the big question is no, the original poster will have no idea that a screenshot of their story has been taken. This gives screenshot takers free reign when it comes to screenshotting another person’s content without them knowing.

The only instance whereby a user can be notified is if a screenshot was taken in the Instagram Direct Messages feature.

How does Instagram notify users of a Direct Message screenshot?

When a user has taken a screenshot of a direct message conversation, but in this case, a shot of a photo or video in the messages, Instagram will send a popup notification to the other user’s phone that their photo or video has been screenshotted.

The notification will include the username of the person who took the screenshot, and a small indicator in the form of a starburst next to the photo in the chat. This will reveal that a screenshot has been taken.

Is there a way to avoid your posts being screenshotted on Instagram?

For those who might not be comfortable with having their posts screenshotted by other individuals on the platform, the only way that you can prevent this from happening is by switching your profile from a public one to private.

This will only prevent people who are not following you from taking screenshots, but you need to be aware that those who do have access to your profile will still be able to take screenshots of your content. In a way, you can avoid it but also not entirely.

Is it possible to avoid being detected for taking screenshots in Direct Messages?

Believe it or not, there are ways to not get detected for taking a screenshot, but these are also not guaranteed to work. A user can switch their mobile to Airplane mode, and in that way avoid being online when they take the screenshot. Consequently, escaping being detected by Instagram for taking a screenshot.

Another way is to use Instagram on a web browser by navigating to the Direct Message and taking a screenshot. Instagram does not detect screenshots taken on a computer’s web browser.


Screenshots are a very convenient trick to use when looking to keep something for yourself to use later, whether it is certain information or a photo. Screenshots are possible for almost anything and can be taken from a mobile device and even from a web browser of a computer.

Screenshots on Instagram are also possible, and for those who thought users were notified if their posts were screenshotted, this is not necessarily the case. Only photos screenshotted within a Direct Message chat on Instagram will send a notification to the other user when the shared photo has been screenshotted.