Can Twitch Affiliates stream on YouTube?

When you are a Twitch Affiliate, are you allowed to stream on other platforms such as YouTube, and what are the conditions to which you can and how?


When you are an affiliate of a certain program, the program will have some terms and conditions to it that it will require its affiliates to abide by. Some affiliate programs will be strict in terms of your conduct when associated with them, while others will allow you freedom.

When it comes to the Twitch Affiliate Program, some might wonder whether Twitch Affiliates are allowed to stream on another platform such as YouTube. The answer to this will depend on conditions to which they are allowed to stream using other platforms and how they are to go about it.

Twitch affiliates and YouTube

Since Twitch affiliates use the Twitch platform to make money as qualified streamers in an effort to grow their audience and work, making use of YouTube may be a consideration for them in terms of expanding their horizons, instead of relying just on Twitch alone. The more platforms you make use of for your streaming, the more the chances of growing a bigger audience to make more money.

When you become a Twitch Affiliate, you enter into an agreement that will stipulate to you whether you are free to use YouTube and other platforms, but with conditions.

Can Twitch Affiliates stream on YouTube?

For those who are curious to know if Twitch Affiliates are allowed to stream on other platforms such as YouTube, they definitely can. The only conditions that Twitch has set in place, is that Twitch Affiliates cannot stream on Twitch as well as on YouTube at the same time. Affiliates are only permitted to stream on another streaming platform once they are done with their streaming on Twitch.

So, if you have started a stream on the Twitch platform, you can end it and once ended, are allowed to go into another completely different platform. A platform such as YouTube in this case and start a new stream from scratch. Another condition is that the stream on another platform cannot contain similar content to the stream you just completed on Twitch. You are not allowed to stream the same content on Twitch and YouTube both simultaneously.

What happens if Twitch Affiliates multi-stream?

Since Twitch Affiliates are not allowed to live stream on other platforms at the same time that they are streaming on Twitch, they are required to sign an exclusivity agreement in which they have to agree that whatever they share as content on Twitch, will not be shared on another live stream platform such as YouTube.

In the case that Affiliates multi-stream, it can be uncommon that the agreement policy is implemented right away. This is especially true for smaller content creators and this is because moderators hardly spend time monitoring smaller creators.

Can multi-streaming get streamers more viewers quicker?

It is pretty obvious that the more platforms you are streaming from, the better your chances are at gaining more viewers and expanding the chances of making more money for yourself and growing your audience and following. Other live streaming platforms you can make use of is YouTube and Facebook. Those considering joining Twitch as an affiliate will need to consider that when you are just starting out, it can be extremely hard getting new viewers, so platforms like YouTube are known to have an algorithm that is faster and easier to attract viewers.

What are the requirements to join the Twitch Affiliate Program?

If you are thinking of joining the Twitch Affiliate Program as a qualified streamer, there are certain requirements you will have to meet to be successful. Within a space of thirty days, you will need to have reached a 50 people following for your channel. You will also be required to stream for at least eight hours and possibly more and will have to stream for seven days. You will need to gain an average of three viewers within that period. All these requirements will need to be met at the same time.


So, when it comes to content creation of any sort, it is true that you need to expose yourself over a variety of multiple platforms to get people to know you and become familiar with your content, in an effort to build an audience and monetize your creative work.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate will allow you to make money from streaming on the platform and gaining viewers and a following, but will not limit you in terms of streaming on other platforms too. The only conditions to this will be to not stream the same content simultaneously on platforms.