Can Twitch Partners stream on YouTube?

How Twitch Partners can stream on YouTube, the different benefits that come with being a Twitch Partner and the sort of criteria that is considered to become one.


Streaming is one of the ways people are taking advantage of making money for what they enjoy doing or simply just to have fun. This is why streaming platforms have become very competitive with each other, as streamers weigh their options on which platform best suits their streaming needs.

Twitch and YouTube are two popular sites where streamers have gathered to do what they do best. The two platforms also heavily compete with each other to draw in as many streamers as they can. So, with both platforms being so popular, one might wonder if Twitch Partners can stream on YouTube.

Twitch Partners and YouTube

As much as being the better streaming platform against the other is what matters to both Twitch and YouTube, streamers have not only compared their options in what both platforms have to offer them separately, but they have also considered ways for them to stream on them.

Being able to do this would not only help them to expand on their reach, but it would also result in their content being widely shared on two of the biggest streaming sites, which would mean more recognition and exposure for them as well as more opportunities. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of both platforms.

Can Twitch Partners stream on YouTube?

Fortunately for Twitch Partners, it is possible for them to stream on YouTube, but it is worth noting that this is only possible depending on what is agreed upon in the contract a Twitch Partner signs with Twitch.

Every contract will be different, and so should a Twitch Partner and Twitch agree that a partner can stream on YouTube, then this can happen.

Typically, when a streamer becomes a Twitch Partner, signing a contract will mean that they are agreeing to streaming only for Twitch.

So, when YouTube is included in the mix, Twitch will need to carefully consider this, especially when it comes to bigger streamers. In a case like this, Twitch would most likely want to keep their big streamers streaming on Twitch only.

However, in the case where a streamer has a bigger audience on YouTube, Twitch may allow them to stream on both platforms.

Are YouTubers allowed to stream on Twitch?

Unlike Twitch, it seems that YouTube does not set restrictions about its streamers streaming on Twitch, with many actually taking advantage of both platforms.

The larger Twitch audience is why some YouTube streamers actually take to Twitch to stream there too.

Since contractual agreements are always private, it’s possible that big YouTube streamers who are signed to the platform might be tied to only streaming exclusively for YouTube.

So, as much as it is possible to stream on both platforms, in most cases, the contractual agreement is the determining factor.

What is the criteria to become a Twitch Partner?

In order to become a Twitch Partner, there is a certain criterion that needs to be followed. Streamers will need to complete the Path to Partner achievement, or show a large, engaged viewership or following on other services.

A streamer’s content will also need to inform Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and DMCA Guidelines.

Once a streamer has been able to achieve the Path to Partner, they will be expected to maintain the criteria set in the achievement being particularly consistent in delivering. A Twitch streamer will become a partner once they have moved past being an affiliate.

What are some of the benefits to being a Twitch Partner?

The opportunity for monetisation is one of the biggest perks of becoming a Twitch Partner.

Making money is possible through your channel subscriptions, emotes and Bits, which are virtual goods that viewers can buy to help cheer your channel on, and Twitch provides its partners with a share of the revenue received from the purchase of Bits.

Another way for partners to earn revenue is through the ads that play on their channel. Partners are able to set the duration and frequency of mid-roll ads through their dashboard, giving them a sense of control.


Streaming has become very popular, especially amongst gaming communities that are looking to share their gaming experiences with fellow gamers or people interested in learning about their favourite games and players.

Both Twitch and YouTube are considered the best platforms for streamers to stream any content related to gaming

In the case that streamers are looking to also stream on another platform, while signed up to a competitor platform, this is possible depending on certain factors.

Twitch Partners may be able to stream on YouTube for instance, but this solely depends on the terms of agreement signed in their contract.