Can Twitch streamers play with YouTube streamers?

Are Twitch streamers and YouTube streamers allowed to play against each other, and are there any conditions to this from either Twitch or YouTube for streamers to consider?


The world of online content allows for online gaming streamers to showcase the best of their skills, playing peoples favourite games while streaming themselves showing their favourite viewers how to come out a winner. There are different online platforms allowing streamers to do this such as Twitch and YouTube.

But what happens in the case that streamers on each platform actually want to battle it out against each other to see who is the best? Some streaming sites allow for streamers to play against each other, even though they are on a competing site.

Twitch streamers and YouTube streamers

Twitch and YouTube are both sites that offer streamers a platform to do their streaming at its best, but they are also each other’s competitors. Some streamers may have started off their streaming on either site and later moved to the other, whichever the case, Twitch and YouTube are competitors.

Therefore, their streamers are subsequently just as competitive against each other. This is why consumers of streaming content might be curious to know whether it is possible for a Twitch streamer to battle with a YouTube streamer.

Can Twitch streamers play with YouTube streamers?

The idea of seeing your favourite rival streamers battle it out for gaming streamers can be an exciting thought and experience, especially if they are on opposing streaming websites that are in real competition with each other. A gaming battle between a Twitch streamer and a YouTube streamer is possible, but with some obvious conditions.

It is said that Twitch streamers are allowed to play with YouTube streamers and stream themselves while doing this, on the condition that the YouTube streamer has not been banned from the Twitch community.

So, if a YouTuber was once a part of Twitch and was banned, a Twitch streamer cannot play with them regardless of the fact that they are no longer associated with Twitch and are now part of the YouTube community. The only way that they can play together is if they are off stream together.

Are Twitch streamers therefore allowed to stream on YouTube?

Yes, Twitch streamers are allowed to stream on YouTube, but this is subject to them not being Twitch Affiliates. Streamers who are not affiliates are allowed to stream to both Twitch and YouTube at the same time, without there being any consequences. In the case of YouTube streamers, there are no known restrictions on whether they are allowed to stream elsewhere.

So, as long as you are not a Twitch Affiliate, you have more freedom to multi-stream across different platforms, which is also a great way of expanding your reach.

How can Twitch Affiliates stream to YouTube?

Just because you are a Twitch Affiliate, this does not mean that you are completely cut off from streaming on YouTube, you still can but just not at the same time. If a Twitch Affiliate is looking to stream to YouTube, the only way for them to do this is by streaming on Twitch but ending their Twitch stream entirely before they can move to YouTube freely.

Once they are on YouTube, they would be starting a completely new stream independent of Twitch. Twitch is not on board about broadcasting your stream to other platforms.

Are there any programs that make it easier for you to multi-stream?

Yes, there are. Programs such as Restream, Streamlabs Prime and Melon App all offer streamers different ways of streaming to YouTube, Facebook Live and many other streaming platforms. Restream for instance allows you to stream to more than 30 broadcasting platforms all at the same time.

Looking into downloading these programs and finding which one will work for the kind of multi-streaming you are after will help. Multi-streaming is beneficial for streamers, as it allows streamers more reach in terms of making their content more widely available to viewers.


Game streaming is one of the most popular forms of online content, as the gaming industry is also one of the biggest. Different sites such as YouTube and Twitch are known as the best for game streamers to stream themselves while playing games or teaching viewers how to play.

Twitch and YouTube are also big rivals in terms of competing to see which platform is most popular for streaming. Twitch streamers are however allowed to play against YouTube streamers, provided that they are not Twitch Affiliates and that a YouTube streamer has not been banned from the Twitch site.