Can you deliver Postmates on a bike?

How Postmates delivery drivers can use bikes to perform deliveries, the advantages of using a bike as well as what the Postmates E-Bike Rental Program is all about.


Becoming a Postmates delivery driver is really very easy, should you make the cut by passing their background check. Postmates offers its drivers flexibility when it comes to how they can do their job, which is more suitable for them. Drivers also have flexibility with their mode of transport.

Postmates drivers are not limited when it comes to the different modes of transport they can use to make their deliveries to customers. With motor vehicles and motorcycles being obvious options, people might be surprised to know that a Postmates driver can also make deliveries on a bike, or they could even walk.

Postmates deliveries and bikes

The Postmates delivery service is not limiting towards drivers in terms of what mode of transport they are comfortable with, taking into account that there could be various reasons for a driver to choose the mode of transport they ride in.

One of the options that a delivery driver can use to make deliveries is a bike, with the obvious modes being a vehicle or a motorcycle.

Drivers are allowed to use a bike to make their deliveries to customers, provided that a bike is a suitable option to use for the kind of delivery being made.

Can you deliver Postmates on a bike?

Postmates deliveries can certainly be made on a bike, and this will come with some perks you would not quite get to enjoy if you were using a motor vehicle or motorcycle.

Postmates does not have any minimum vehicle standards, as any working mode of transport can be used as long as a driver can fulfil their delivery duties without any hassle.

A bike will work only for certain delivery situations that make it more convenient to use a bike.

Besides a bike, motorcycle and a motor vehicle, drivers also have the option of using a scooter, a truck or simply walking to your delivery destination if the delivery circumstances permit for walking.

It is also important to note that depending on different cities and states, the requirements will differ in terms of which modes of transport will work best for that particular region.

What are some of the advantages of using a bike to make deliveries?

Using a bike to make Postmates deliveries will come with a few perks that would not be possible if a driver was using any other mode of transport. Riding a bike to make deliveries means that a driver does not need to worry about factors such as gas for a vehicle or motorcycle and scooter.

Another advantage is that this is an eco-friendly way of making deliveries. Moreover, riding will help drivers get some physical exercise while they work, as well as not having to worry about parking.

What is the Postmates E-Bike Rental Program?

With the expansion of its delivery service in every city in the United States, Postmates has introduced a Bike Rental Program, whereby delivery drivers will get to rent bikes to use for making deliveries in certain markets.

These markets are San Francisco, Portland as well as Seattle. Drivers will literally get paid to rent a bike from the program, and to make deliveries using either the Lime Bike option or Spinlister.

Lime and Spinlister are where drivers can rent bike options. Not only are drivers making money for deliveries, but they can also make money by bike renting too.

What is the difference between Lime Bike and Spinlister?

Lime Bike will offer drivers rides in the form of electric scooters to e-assist and pedal bikes.

Lime is said to provide drivers with a sustainable solution while helping them reduce their carbon footprint. When you become a first-time user on Lime, you will be offered a $3 Lime Bike free credit.

Spinlister helps to connect trusted bike owners with active people looking to rent bikes. People basically list their bikes on the service and renters search for and find reliable bikes for them to use in their specific area.


Being a delivery driver for the Postmates delivery service will offer driver’s much needed flexibility when it comes to the different modes of transport they can use to make their deliveries. Drivers have the options to drive a vehicle, truck, ride a scooter, opt for a bike and also walk.

Using a bike will mean that a driver gets to enjoy the perks of not driving a car or truck that will require maintenance, as well as gas to perform deliveries. A bike offers less stress but should only be used under the right circumstances for seamless deliveries each time.