Can you schedule posts on Instagram?

What can you use to schedule your Instagram posts, why it is important to schedule posts and how much do third-party tools cost?


Whatever you could be using social media for, if you are trying to build some sort of presence on a platform being consistent with how and when you post your content is going to be important. The same goes for Instagram, but what happens when you have no time?

Fortunately, there are tools on Instagram that will help you to set a time and date for when you will need to post something, even if you will not be doing it manually yourself because you cannot or do not have the time. This is done through scheduling your posts.

Scheduling posts on Instagram

There can be many reasons as to why you have to schedule some of your posts on Instagram, and luckily, you are able to do this with the ease of not having to worry that you will miss posting something and break your consistency.

Scheduling posts on Instagram is achievable and whether you are a business or an Influencer, constantly being able to post on your Instagram can be a hassle, especially if you tend to get busy with a bunch of other things outside of Instagram.

This is why scheduling your posts is the answer to keeping consistent.

Can you schedule posts on Instagram?

So, you do not have the time to post on Instagram on a particular day, and you are worried about what this can do if you do not make a post on time.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry, as there is a way to schedule your Instagram posts without you having to do it yourself.

This will require the use of third-party tool software and marketing tools where Instagram’s application programming interface (API) allows this.

There are a number of different tools that Instagrammers can consider for their scheduling including HubSpot, Later, Buffer, Tailwind, Schedugram, Sprout Social and Loomly.

With a list like this, any of these can be used to schedule ones Instagram posts for them in the event that they cannot do it themselves but need to have a post up to keep their Instagram posts as consistent as possible.

Why is it important to schedule posts?

Ensuring that you schedule your posts will help to save you time and mental energy, as you will not have to be worrying about posting manually yourself.

Scheduling your Instagram posts can be a relief for those who do not want to lose consistency in the way they post.

Scheduling your content will also give you better control over your content, as scheduling means that you will be planning your content ahead of time, which gives you more peace of mind and will also help you to plan and post to Instagram from your desktop.

How do Instagram schedule reminders work?

Since not all types of content can be scheduled to post directly to Instagram, posts can still be set up ahead of time and you can get a reminder too with the content you have set to post.

Certain types of content will require scheduling reminders, and this includes posts that are intended for personal Instagram profiles, and single-image posts that are long portraits or very wide in landscape mode.

Additionally, this also includes anything outside of the 4:5 and 1:19:1 aspect ratios, and Instagram carousel posts, as they are posts with multiple images.

How much does scheduling software cost?

The Hubspot Social Media Management Software is priced at $45 a month for Starters, $800 for Professional use and $3 200 for the Enterprise package.

Later offers a package for $12.50 for Starters, $20.83 for Growth and $33.33 for the Advanced package.

Buffer has a $15 a month Pro package, a $65 Premium package and a $99 Business package.

Tailwind goes for $9.99 a month for a Pro package, $19.99 for an Advanced package and $39.99 for Max.

Sprout Social is at $99 a month for a Standard package, $149 for Professional and $249 for Advanced.

Final Thoughts

Social media can be very time consuming and can demand a dedication that is sometimes not possible, especially if you own a business or are an influencer. Having the time to attend to all your Instagram demands will not be easy, and this is where scheduling your content comes into play.

Scheduling your content means you set a date and a time for your post to make it onto your profile without you doing it manually yourself. There are third-party tools that make this easy, and allow you to keep on track with posting to your Instagram even when you cannot.