Can you see who views your Featured photos on Facebook?

How can you see who has viewed your Facebook Featured photos, how do you add photos to your Featured section and how to edit and remove from them?


An exciting tool that social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have introduced, allows their users to keep some of their previous posts as highlights and features on their profiles for people to see and to get to know them better while looking at some highlights they enjoyed.

Facebook has called this the Featured section, and users are able to choose their favourite photos to highlight and add to their features so that people will get an idea of who they are through their highlights. So, who can view your Facebook Features, and can you see your views?

Views on Featured Facebook photos

The Facebook Featured section is similar to the Highlights feature on Instagram, where users can save their favourite moments as a highlight so when other users visit their profile, they get to see what your moments were like.

Facebook Features are similar to that and you can choose the photos you want to add to your Featured Section.

People can view your Featured Section and get a look into your favourite highlights as well as get to know you better through your moments, but can you see who has viewed your Features?

Can you see who views your featured photos on Facebook?

When you add photos to your Featured section, other users will be able to view your Features. That includes friends as well as other users.

Facebook states that your Featured photos section will be public, meaning they will be seen by everyone both on and off Facebook.

When you add your photos to your Features Section, it will create copies of the original photo meaning that likes and comments from the original photo will not show up on your Featured photo as they did on your timeline.

If your Facebook friends view your Features, you will be able to see their names under your viewers.

There will also be a category of viewers called “Others”, and these are the users who viewed your Facebook Feature, but are not connected to you on Facebook. The Others section will not reveal the user names.

How can you see who viewed your Featured photos?

To be able to know who has viewed your Featured photos, you will need to open Facebook and go to your profile, once there, you need to go to one of your Featured Collections that you want to know the viewers of.

Once you tap on the specific collection, it will open the collection and in the bottom left you will see a section with an arrow icon to see Viewers.

To see your list of viewers, you need to tap on the arrow and it will reveal all your viewers.

How can you add photos to your Featured Section?

To add photos to your featured collection, you need to open the Facebook app and go to your profile page. Below the intro section of your profile will be an option, “Add Feature” to the left.

You need to click on “Add New” to begin, and you will be directed to your gallery to choose which photos you want to add to your Featured collection and you can add multiple photos.

Once you have chosen all your photos, you will need to click “Next”, followed by “Save” to save changes.

How do you edit or remove photos in your Featured section?

Now you might have added some photos to your Featured collection, but no longer want some of them anymore. Facebook allows you to edit and remove the photos you no longer want.

To do this, you need to go to your profile page and click on your profile photo. There will be an option to your Featured section. Click on the “x” in the top right of a photo in a feature to remove it.

To add more photos you need to choose from photos on Facebook or click “Upload.”

Final thoughts

Facebook has introduced its Featured section, which is similar to Instagram Highlights so that Facebook users can add their favourite photos and stories to their Featured collection for other users to see when they visit their profile. You are able to add as well as edit and remove when needed.

Your Featured collections can be viewed by others, and Facebook confirms that they are public. You are able to see who has viewed your Featured collections in the views section.

People who are not your Facebook Friends will appear as “Others”, without revealing their usernames.