Can you sell Amazon KDP on Etsy?

How Amazon KDP is sold on Etsy, what KDP is, and the sort of content KDP allows you to create and publish, like already existing work.

For many writers and publishers, knowing where they can go to sell their self-published pieces is of utmost importance.

This is also true for writers who have used Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Finding the right platforms to sell their self-published books is key to selling enough copies for profit.

For writers, one of the best ways of making money is through finding multiple platforms and stores to sell your books, as the more copies are sold, the more the earning potential.

Writers who have used Amazon KDP might wonder if expanding their reach to sell on Etsy is possible.

Amazon KDP on Etsy

Widely expanding your reach when it comes to selling your self-published books is necessary and important to ensure that, as a writer, you have dispersed copies of your books in a number of places.

This makes it more possible to have more copies sold in different places. For writers who have made use of Amazon KDP for their books and are considering exploring other avenues to sell their copies, Etsy is an option.

However, it would only be possible depending on certain factors, as the two are actually competitors in the online e-commerce and distribution space.

Can you sell Amazon KDP on Etsy?

The answer to this is yes, selling your Amazon KDP books on Etsy is possible, but sellers will need to be mindful of the fact that they need to go about this in a manner that will not result in any losses for Etsy.

Selling Amazon KDP on Etsy will require you to actually make physical copies of your books, and list them on your Etsy store.

Unfortunately, you cannot link your eBook, as it is unethical and inequitable to link your Amazon KDP on Etsy, in an effort to sell your copies via Amazon but using Etsy.

If book sellers want to take advantage of Etsy for selling their Amazon KDP, they would need to make copies of their books and have them listed on their Etsy store and not by sending buyers to another website to purchase as this is called Fee Avoidance by Etsy.

Can you sell Amazon KDP on Etsy?
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What is KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) basically allows you to self-publish eBooks, paperbacks and hardcover books for free. You get direct access to your book and are allowed to create a product detail page for your book.

KDP also gives you the option to expand your book’s availability globally, meaning more readers have access to it while you make more money selling copies.

Publishing with KDP also means you have full rights to your book, which is a sure way to make earnings exclusively. This is a benefit that is not usually something a traditional publishing house will offer you.

What kind of content can one publish with KDP?

Taking advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing means that you get to publish a selection of different types of content.

KDP allows you to publish eBooks and Paperbacks, but it will not allow you to create content such as magazines, periodicals or spiral bound books.

What KDP will, however, allow book sellers to publish, includes: novels, book series, children’s books, comics, cookbooks, journals, poetry as well as content that can be compiled and made into a textbook.

Using KDP will give book sellers some freedom in terms of what you can publish.

Are sellers allowed to use KDP for content that has already been published elsewhere?

The answer is yes, sellers are able to use KDP for content that has been published elsewhere. This is possible if the bookseller owns the rights to their book.

If the book has an existing ISBN from a different publisher, it needs to have the same title, author name, and binding type on KDP for it to continue using that ISBN.

Should there be any changes made to the details of your book, the book will need to be a new edition with a new ISBN.


Publishing a book can be an exciting venture for any writer looking to be heard through using their words.

Amazon KPD is a tool that has allowed many self-publishers to get their work out and sell copies of their books for free, with many benefits such as full ownership rights.

Writers that have made use of Amazon KDP are able to sell their books on Etsy too, on the condition that they will be listing their physical copies of their books in their Etsy store and not merely leading people to Amazon through Etsy, in order to sell their books.