Can you stream anything on Twitch?

What can be streamed on Twitch besides gaming-related content, and what streaming ideas can streamers and the audiences who consume this content share on art and music?


Twitch has been predominantly focused on the gaming industry, with streamers creating content centred on playing their favourite games and having their fans watch them play and engage.

However, things have shifted to offer streamers more range when it comes to what they can stream besides just gaming content.

A question some people might be asking themselves is whether you can stream just about anything on Twitch or whether there are still limitations on the choice of content range, especially since Twitch was developed around all things gaming.

Moreover, seeing that Twitch is a hotspot for the gaming community and game streaming enthusiasts.

Streaming on Twitch

As much as Twitch has solely been focused on offering a platform for the large gaming community, it has expanded some of its categories for allowance to share content outside of gaming, specifically but not too much.

Streamers now have a little bit of choice in terms of what they can stream.

They no longer have to centre their content strictly on gaming, meaning that streamers can explore other types of content and other ways of streaming beyond playing games and sharing gaming related streams.

Streamers now have the option to get more creative with what they stream about but to a certain extent.

Can you stream anything on Twitch?

The answer to this is yes, you can stream anything on Twitch, but it needs to fall under the three main tags of content on the platform, namely:

– IRL (for everything that has real people)

– Creative (streams related to categories such as music and production, travel and the outdoors, makers and crafters and food and drink)

– Gaming genres (FPS, MOBA, Driving/Racing games and Strategy)

Everything that will be tagged with the creative category may fall under the IRL category too.

This is about as far as one can go in terms of streaming content on Twitch with the IRL and creative categories, allowing streamers to get a little bit more creative with their content should they not want to stream specifically on gaming or anything gaming related.

Streamers with other interests outside of gaming such as music, travel and crafts can stream content.

What are some Twitch stream ideas and how to decide what to stream?

When it comes to deciding what you want to stream on Twitch, you will need to establish what your primary streaming goals are, why you want to stream and what you want to get out of it.

You need to decide if you want your streaming channel to get a lot of views, if you are looking to make friends with fellow streamers and viewers of similar interests, whether you want to play something you love or try new things or if you want to teach something.

Streaming art on Twitch

Now that Twitch is no longer restricting what its creators can stream, you can also stream things such as your art, whether it is your art or sharing art-related information.

Different types of art streams will include fine art, such as painting, drawing and sculpting.

Digital art is also up there, going hand-in-hand with graphics and landscaping digitally. You could also stream crafting related art, such as woodworking to needle pointing.

This category also includes culinary art, which would be cooking and baking for chefs and home cooks as well as body painting or even cosplay ,which has become extremely popular.

Audiences for art streams will range from artists who are looking to learn on their craft or enjoy art in general.

Streaming music on Twitch

Streaming and sharing music-related content on Twitch is also an option for streamers who are not game-centred.

Twitch can be a great platform for you to showcase your own music as a musician, part of a band or solo. Popular music streams include solo artists who are vocalists or who can play a musical instrument.

Bands can create a Twitch stream and grow their following online, while DJs can thrive on a platform such as Twitch streaming themselves playing their sets day or night with viewers enjoying your mixes, helping you to grow your DJ fan following.

Final thoughts

Twitch is not solely just a platform intended for gamers and those interested in the gaming industry, there are different categories of content that are allowed and tailored to the Twitch community.

So, whether you are into the arts, music or travelling, you can stream that on Twitch.

Twitch’s IRL and creative categories allows for streamers to expand beyond just gaming and stream on other topics that might interest them.

This makes Twitch a somewhat diverse space where a range of different topics can be streamed and engaged in by audiences who are interested in anything but gaming.