Can your Snapchat Score go up without opening snaps?

Is it possible for your Snapchat Score to go up even if you have not opened a snap and the other ways for you to increase your Snapscore?


Imagine being part of a social media platform that scored you for your activity on it. Snapchat is one of those platforms. Snapchat aims to find a way to make your experience exciting by working towards gaining points for being an active user and having some fun while doing it.

Snapscore is a tool Snapchat users utilize to show how active they are on the app. It is also indicative of how popular that snapchat user is, and scores are accumulated in various ways, depending on how much the user is actively using some features offered by the platform.

Snapscore on Snapchat

Every Snapchat user has a score on their Snapchat page that they are able to increase through their activities on the app.

Making use of some of the features helps to increase ones score, and this can include the number of snaps a user sends to friends, the number of snaps they also receive back from other users, the number of stories that they post as well as the number of snaps opened.

If you are looking to increase your score, your best bet would be to increase on the mentioned activities, though the scoring system is not disclosed.

Can your Snapchat Score go up without opening snaps?

Some people might wonder if there are ways of increasing your Snapchat Score by taking a few shortcuts, such as whether your score can still go up even if you do not open a snap. In this case, it is recommended that you actually keep opening snaps in order for your score to go up.

Snapchat is not very open on the scoring system for every activity that gains you a point, so your best bet to ensure that you guarantee it goes up is to open snaps when you receive them.

More importantly, try not to miss any at that. Keeping up with sending snaps out to other users, getting snaps sent to you, posting stories and opening snaps is your set way of achieving higher scores for yourself. There is no significance to it, except to make things more fun.

How can you find your Snapchat Score?

To locate your Snapchat Score, you will have to head to the profile screen on the app and click on their Bitmoji face or the circle icon in the top left of the screen.

At the top of the profile page will be the Snap code, and under the code will be the display name with the username, your Snapscore and your zodiac sign.

Tapping on Snapscore will show two numbers. The one on the left will be the number of snaps you have sent, and on the right will be snaps you have received.

How often is the Snapscore updated?

The Snapchat Score for accounts is updated every time someone sends or opens a snap. The application does not seem to require a lot of time to update the score.

So depending on the activity, the Snapscore may go up in a short amount of time after each activity is performed, but on the other hand, it might get stuck on the same score if you are not as active. Snapchat users are also able to check each other’s scores but need to wait some days for the score to update.

Are there any benefits to increasing your Snapchat Score?

With the amount of effort Snapchat users put into increasing their Snapcores, one might wonder what the fuss is all about and if this practice is of benefit in any way. Snapchat scores have been described as being the same as Karma Points on Reddit.

There is no significant value to them, and users cannot convert them into cash either, which could come as a disappointment to some who might have assumed that this was likely the case. Nevertheless, people take their account scores very seriously.


Social media platforms offer up a way of people keeping themselves busy with their apps, either to pass time or even as a way of taking advantage of some of the benefits of being active users. There are certain tools on platforms such as Snapchat that will reward activity.

There are certain aspects of being a Snapchat user that will reward you with points for the activity you perform on the app. Snapchat Scores are a way for the app to reward you for using the app by opening snaps. The scores will however, not increase without opening a snap.