Can YouTubers see who views their videos?

Is it possible for YouTubers to see who has viewed their videos, and is YouTube’s algorithm based on information related to age, gender and the viewers locations?


The main purpose of starting a YouTube channel is to get viewers to watch your videos and like and engage with your content.

Views are a particularly important factor of having a channel, as the views generally indicate how many people like and engage with your content.

With the number of views being one of the most important factors for YouTube creators, one would wonder whether it is likely that YouTubers can actually see who has viewed their videos, similar to the Instagram feature that allows users to see exactly who has viewed their shared Instagram stories.

Views on YouTubers videos

With some social media sharing platforms, sharing a story is as simple as clicking a button and sharing it with your followers.

Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are known to give you access to people who have viewed your stories, but this is unfortunately not the case when it comes to YouTube.

With the significant amount of views YouTube videos can accumulate, YouTube creators cannot exactly see who has viewed their video by profile.

This would be particularly impossible given that some channels can get over thousands and even millions and billions of views.

Can YouTubers see who views their videos?

Unfortunately, YouTube does not work in the same way as other video sharing platforms that allow you to see the names and profiles of the accounts that have viewed your stories.

As much as they would like to know, YouTubers do not have that kind of exclusive access to their video views.

Although they cannot see exactly who has watched their videos, they still do get enough information about what their video viewers and numbers look like. Such information will include the percentage of viewers falling under a certain age group and also their gender.

Another interesting thing YouTubers have access to, is the videos their viewers are also watching.

So, if a YouTuber has viewers that seem to be consuming a lot of videos related to a certain topic such as make-up, they will see this, helping them to get some insight.

Can YouTubers see viewer locations?

A YouTube content creator might not be able to see a viewer’s exact specific location, but they will see the percentage of viewers who have watched the video from a specific country.

For viewers who are based in the United States, location can also further be broken down to state, meaning that a YouTuber will be able to see what state viewers are from.

This will generally require a larger dataset though, as this kind of information will not be available for every view a YouTuber gets, and seeing states is as specific as it gets.

Can YouTubers see who liked and disliked their videos?

Other social media platforms are great, because they also give you the details of who has liked your content, but not disliked it as dislikes are only available on YouTube.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and others inform their users about who has liked their posts. In the case of YouTube, this is not possible with likes and dislikes being completely anonymous.

The only thing a YouTuber can see with regards to likes and dislikes, is the number of each that a video has, reflecting how well a video was received.

Can YouTubers see who has subscribed to their channel?

At the least YouTubers can see who has subscribed to their channel, but only if a YouTuber has set their channel subscriptions to public.

Users can also check to see if their account is visible to subscribers and can also be set to private by following the instructions below.

To make your subscriptions private, you would need to sign into YouTube, click on your profile picture, click on “Settings” and in the left menu select “Privacy.” You would then have to turn on the switch called “Keep all my subscriptions private.”  


Having a YouTube channel requires a lot of work towards achieving as many views as you possibly can. Views also serve to better opportunities for the monetization of your content and helping you gain subscribers from attracting an audience. YouTubers cannot, however, see the number of views on videos.

While YouTube will not specifically give them the names of profiles that have viewed their videos, it will still share some information through the use of analytics that will break down the ages, genders and locations of viewers, but reflected as percentages only and not individual information for each viewer.