Clix’s ban on Twitch caused by multiple community violations on the app

Clix’s 24-hour ban on Twitch came as a shock to his loyal fans, however, many understood that it was warranted because of how he had violated the community guidelines.

Clix, whose real name is Cody, is a 16-year-old professional gamer who gained prominence on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

He is best known for his interest in Fortnite, which is streamed for his millions of viewers to watch every day.

On Monday, 15 February 2021, Clix took to Twitter to share that he had been banned from Twitch.

Confused by the actions of the platform, Clix updated his fans as he tried to understand what had happened and expressed his outrage with what he felt was an uncalled for ban.

The gamer shared a screenshot of his login page, which stated that his ban would be indefinite, stating, “Your suspension will not be automatically lifted. Access to our servers may only be restored upon successful appeal.”

Fans began appealing to Twitch to give Clix access to his account again, leading to the hashtag, #FreeClix trending worldwide.

He thanked his fans for their support, tweeting, “Wow, I can’t believe #FreeClix is [number one] on trending, thank you guys for the insane support and hopefully I somehow get unbanned soon.”

As Clix and his team began investigating the matter, followers looked back at the many times he had violated the community guidelines on Twitch, which led to him receiving three warnings.

This was due to copyright infringements on music, explicit content during livestreams and foul language that featured in his videos.

It was further revealed that after three warnings, an official ban would be placed, despite the large following of the content creator.

Fans were worried that Clix had lost his channel forever and expressed their outrage at Twitch.

On Wednesday, 16 February 2021, Clix updated his fans and revealed that the ban had been lifted and he was back on the platform.

The gamer has resumed his content schedule since the mishap and has attempted to stick to the community guidelines stipulated by Twitch.