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CodeSpace Frontend Development online course

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CodeSpace is a community college that is now offering some of its courses online, in addition to offering one-on-one individualised teaching for enrolled students.

CodeSpace is a community college that “provides quality technology education by running coding programmes for beginners, seasoned developers, and for anyone looking to progress their career.” The community college has managed to set itself apart from other online institutions by providing one-on-one teaching sessions.

In promoting the Frontend Development course, CodeSpace stated, “Learn at your own pace supported by one-on-one sessions with your code coach. Experience an individualised learning journey leading to the career that suits you.”

The aim of the course is to upskill developers and allow them to “[create] beautifully designed and interactive web applications, [and] learn advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build responsive real-time applications.” The course can be completed within a two to four-month period.

Sign up for CodeSpace’s Frontend Development online course here.

Sabelo Makhubo
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