Cole Bell and Caiti Mackenzie focus on themselves following breakup

Cole Bell and Caiti Mackenzie’s breakup has allowed them to step away from romance and focus on growing their careers as young YouTubers and social media personalities.

Cole Bell and Caiti Mackenzie are well-known YouTubers who have created a significant audience for themselves on the video platform. The pair began dating in early 2019 and made their relationship public to their millions of followers soon thereafter. Cole and Caiti often appeared on one another’s YouTube channels and Instagram pages, causing for their fans to follow along on their romantic journey as young stars.

The two were rumoured to have broken up in mid-2020, as they had deleted images of one another off Instagram and unfollowed each other on the platform. Cole and Caiti were also reluctant to post new videos on their YouTube channels, which fuelled the rumours about their relationship status.

This was until September 2020, when Cole addressed their breakup in a YouTube video. In his video, he explained that he would be confirming once and for all that he and Caiti had broken up months ago, and that it was a mutual decision. He clarified that there was no drama between them and, despite the accusations, no one cheated at any point during their relationship. In the video, Cole explained that he had moved on with another young woman, Abbey, and that he would appreciate it if his followers allowed for him to grow as a person and focus on what he wants.

Caiti, however, has chosen not to address the breakup on her personal channel and has, instead, tailored her new content to showcase her body transformation. The YouTuber has been on a mission to get into shape lately, and has been documenting her progress throughout the last nine months.

Fans have noticed that both Cole and Caiti have opted to look at the positives in their lives since their breakup, which includes moving on with their lives as teenagers and venturing into other relationships and hobbies.