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Collecting fashionable items as an investment

Collecting Fashionable items as an investment

Collecting fashionable items can go a long way as an investment; although it will be regarded as vintage wear, it will ensure that your items will be in high demand.

A lot of people confuse collecting different inventories to clutter but looking at the brighter side of things, this can be considered as a long-term investment plan. This is why all possessions of famous people such as Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson, to name a few, hold an expensive value.

Having your own collection of inventories mostly depends on what you’re personally interested in. I personally love collecting bags and I always purchase handbags that I can resell in the long run. This, however, depends entirely on how much the other person is willing to pay me, as fashionable can be tricky;  what is highly desirable today may be passé next. I’ve found that the trick to avoiding this dilemma is by purchasing classic silhouettes, especially for shoes and handbags.

I’ve also realized that some of my peers in the CBD are selling vintage bomber jackets, bags and hats, which tells me that vintage wear never grows old.

There is a plethora of other collectable items, ranging from music to artwork. However, I have had a keen interest in collecting wines, lately. Wine matures over the years and the older it grows, the higher its value goes, especially if it is a bottle of a limited-edition wine.