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Compare brands and save big on beauty products

Compare brands and save big on beauty products

Although expensive products usually equate to great quality, there are tried and tested ways of shopping for cosmetic products, without breaking the bank.

As a recent graduate and a make-up enthusiast, have had to find ways to buy good quality make-up products within a limited budget. I came up with ways that could help me save money and still look beautiful by comparing different make-up products from different retailers.

When it comes to foundation, I have made sure to stick to the same brand as this guarantees a flawless base for the rest of your make-up look. Although bases vary; today we have pressed powders, mousse and concealers, it is important to find what works for you and stick to it. There are high-end products, such as foundations from MAC cosmetics and Estee Lauder, to foundations such as the Foschini brand, Colors, and Edgars brand, Design. If applied with the correct technique, both products from complete ends of the spectrum cam produce great results. I’ve found that with the cheaper foundations, it is important to properly prime and powder one’s face, to avoid the foundation from moving around the face.

The same can be said about eye make-up, quality and prices. I usually compare prices between Essence and Avon to see which buy is financially sound, as both brands offer the same quality of make-up. Essence sells cheaper eye make-up compared to Avon, so I usually mix the two by buying Essence mascara then refer to Avon for my liners.

However, Signature cosmetics has the most reasonable prices when it comes to make-up. Lipsticks tend to be expensive but at this store, a R50 budget can get you three lipsticks. Comparing prices between brands and stores is a sure way to save money, especially since stores like Dischem and Clicks hold three-for-two cosmetic sales frequently. Buying the cheaper brands of make-up, especially as a beginner, affords you the opportunity to practise and perfect your craft without worrying about the amount of money that went into buying the products.