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Consider having a medical aid plan to save on doctor visits

Consider having a medical aid plan to save on doctor visits

People think medical schemes are expensive and intense to maintain but with as little as R650, you can get a suitable plan and benefits for your family.

After being removed from my parents’ medical aid scheme when graduated, I didn’t hesitate to get myself a medical aid plan when I started working. This is because I am a sickly individual and doctor visits dented my pocket while I was still shopping for my own medical aid plan. A lot of people might assume that cancelling their medical scheme to save money in the short-term is a good plan, However, the decision may cost you and your family dearly in the long-term. Without sufficient medical aid cover, people have no choice but to rely on the overburdened and underserviced state healthcare facilities or fund the costs out of their own pocket.

Here are some advantages of having a medical aid plan:

You are guaranteed great medical care at private hospitals as they always ensure the best hospitality when it comes to patients. Having witnessed the quality of service at public hospitals, I was affirmed that cancelling my membership was not an option.

Medical schemes pay for many other healthcare facilities such as dental work, medicine, physiotherapy and so forth. Imagine how much you’d be saving compared to paying cash for doctor’s visits buying over-the-counter medication without the security of a medical aid.

The medical aid schemes in South Africa cost are reasonably priced. From as little as R630 per month, you can have access to a comprehensive hospital plan. Companies such as Discovery, Bonitus, Hippo and Keycare Plus offer a variety of medical aid plans that are best suited for your needs and fit your budget.