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Consider making an earning out of hosting events

Consider making an earning out of hosting events

South Africa has plenty of annual events and apart from the national ones, plenty of cities have their own events; consider events organising as a side hustle.

Earning an income no longer has to be on a monthly stream. I witnessed this to be true when friends became DJs and event organizers as side hustles but are now making a living from hosting events and gigs. Being an event planner or manager comes with a lot of work but having a marketing strategy and knowing your target market is the first step to having a successful event. Posters and social media pages need to attract people and peak their interest in buying tickets for the advertised event.

Apart from the entertainment line-up, I’ve found the location of the event to be crucial because it is often a deciding factor on whether people will attend your event. Choose a central location that is easily accessible, even to people who are using public transport. It is imperative to also consider the number of people you’re expecting to the event and the size of the venue, so that you don’t find yourself with a large crowd in a small venue.

Setting a reasonable price for tickets is very important. If a ticket costs R150 and 1 000 people pitch, already you have made R15 000. If your event’s VIP ticket retails at R250 and 100 people purchase tickets, that sums up to R25 000. That’s a total of R40 000 for just a single event.